My Festival Prep Essentials with Walmart

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Hi loves! So it is that time of the year again where it seems like every single human I know and follow on Instagram heads out to the desert to get their festival on and to sneak in a few solid grams for the month!

Going to a festival is like preparing for battle! You need to stay hydrated, look your best, get fit, be the most stylish you have ever been and somehow manage to still have fun. HELLO ANXIETY! To the people who do this two weekends in a row... you are my hero. I can only hang for 3-days and then I need a vacation from it all. Yes..sounds so obnox. But if you have experienced know exactly what I am talking about!

I want to make sure you all are truly prepping your body for not only this weekend but any trip you are planning on taking (a destination wedding, an adventure trip with your man or just overall great tips to follow on the regular). I stopped by Walmart to stock up on my beauty must haves. Walmart is my secret go-to spot for these sorts of things because of the range or products as well as the fact that I can be lazy and do all of my grocery shopping during the same visit (less driving is always needed in LA).

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Last year after Coachella I came home with a bad sunburn, a cold and ended up in the hospital for not drinking enough water. You may have recalled from my stories last year being in the ER with kidney times. This year I wanted to make sure my body was prepped from the inside out and that I was looking my best! Therefore, H20 for the win. 

-I started drinking 6L of water per day around two weeks prior to the festival to help clean out toxins and have healthy/hydrated skin. Sometimes I even add chlorophyll drops to my water as that helps to eliminate the bad stuff from your blood as well. 

-Yoga 3x a week because festival days are LONG days and I wanted to make sure my body was in the best physical shape. I personally do hot yoga with weights (it is called yoga sculpt) and it kicks your bum and makes you feel like the slimmest version of yourself. YESSSS!!! Need to do this really 4-5 times a week for the best results.

-Pampering: I used Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in Coconut Lime everyday the week prior to leaving, then moisturized with Neutrogena Body Oil after I showered and before bed I would use this super potent Bio-Oil to help tighten up skin and get rid of unwanted scars or marks (I am clumsy and fall a lot! Also helps with stretch marks and who doesn't have those?). Note: products found at Walmart.

-Protect- One thing I am going to stress to you is to use sunscreen and not to forget to reapply it. I burn pretty easily, so when I am in the desert I use a stronger SPF - specifically this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 100 - LOVE the lightweight feel.

-Tan- I love having a base tan when I am out there (helps when trying to get a good gram in) so I use this L'OREAL Paris Sublime Bronze product the day before I head out to the desert. Note: products found at Walmart.

I am sure you all have your own glam routines but I really wanted to share what I did to feel and look my best for the festival! I loved going to Walmart for all of my festival beauty essentials because they have a wide array of products to help you get your glam on and at really affordable prices. Which is an added bonus because Coachella weekend is PRICEY! Anywhoo, I hope you enjoyed my tips and hope to see you all out there xoxo

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