Busy Week Ahead

I was really excited for this week as I have some fun meetings on the horizon. One would be my annual review with my boss and two is a new business opportunity on Thursday. Lastly, I am attending the Rebecca Minkoff show on Saturday in LA, so that is an added bonus! A nice little mix of my "9-5" and my blog. Which my blog sometimes is my 5-2AM and I love every single minute of overtime I work on it. I truly love my both paths of my career and understand at one point I will need to make a decision on which way I go, but for now, I am enjoying the hustle and bustle.  

I am so interested to know what you all do as your side hustle and bustle. If you don't have one yet, what would you dream of doing as a passion project! Email me and maybe we can even come up with a plan for you to get there! Secretly, I love this stuff and love encouraging people to follow their passions!

PS this look is by Elliatt (my fave)!

Photographer: @photobyvincent