Back to the Beach

I am back, for a little bit. Back in sunny Orange County and living that suburbia life. I would be lying if I said I did not miss the city. Although I am here for a short bit for work/family, I am already craving my city routine. I strangely felt more productive there and worked at least 3 hours longer than I normally do. Must be the fast-paced environment?

The one thing I love about being home, other than seeing my family and friends, is the weather and the beach. I have missed sand between my toes and just going for long walks watching a ton of dogs running into the water. The ocean has this really calming effect that you do not really find in the city, so I guess I will make the most of my time back here.

During the afternoon I went by the docks to check out the pretty boats and to grab a sando at Sessions Newport Beach. They are my favorite place to get a quality brekky sando or one for lunch. Since I had a low-key day planned, I wore this casual striped romper and paired it with slides. The cloth is super light but not see-through light (thank goodness). My slides, you may have seen all over Instagram. These are my go-to babies and have so far traveled to quite a few states and countries!

Photographer: @tienphotographer

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