Journey with Javvy to Bahamas: Nassau Travel Guide

Touchdown Bahamas for the 4th of July weekend! Luckily, I came with a crew of 13 people who have been going to the Bahamas every year for the past ten years. I knew our itinerary would be filled with the best restaurants and activities and I could not wait to experience it myself and then share it with you all!

Places to Stay

$$$: Atlantis- Try to stay here as this is the epicenter of entertainment in Nassau, but if it is too expensive, at least book one night so you get your daypass for all of the rides and it can last you for a couple of days. (I did not tell you that!)

$$: AirBnb- we happened to stay at a vacation home owned by some friends that came with us. This vacation home was built to look like a Bahamian castle and it was located on a secluded beach.

Places to eat


Atlantis- Any restaurant or poolside cafe at the hotel

Nesbitts- so delicious. Lots of locals!



Olives restaurant- Italian restaurant located in the Atlantis that has delicious grouper, salmon and the pasta dishes were tasty too. I would eat here over Nobu as I am a bigger fan of the Nobu in Malibu, but maybe I am partial to it's divine beachside location.

Studio- This awesome restaurant has a beachside view, fantastic food, live music and great service. I loved the fish sandwich I got!

Sapodilla- This restaurant should be saved for a special dinner night. Everyone dresses up in their nicest attire to dine here. They have a pianist in the middle of the restaurant that plays classical music but also mixes in classical renditions of popular music from Drake, Rihanna and Beyonce. He had me at Beyonce. Try their pasta, brie and lobster. They had fantastic wine too! 5 stars, but let me give you a heads up, the service is a little slow. But since they play awesome music, you are totally entertained the whole time. Perhaps that is a part of their 'experience', but either way, I would go back here 100%.


Aura- Be drunk, be very drunk before you go in. Atypical club scene in a dark space.

Moon Club- main bar centrally located by the casino floor. They have an awesome jellyfish tank in there.

Dragon's Ultra Lounge- They play hip hop and top 40 mixes


Beach- this is an obvious one! Grab a towel and go layout or play in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean 

Diving- If you are into adventure and not afraid of sharks, go swim with 100's of them and while you are at it..find Dori and Nemo.

Boating- This was my favorite activity we did on the trip. We took out the boat owned by our friend and some jet skis which were an added bonus.

Snorkeling- I am not the diving type because Sharks scare me, but I was totally ok with a little snorkeling action to see some beautiful fishes. Probably swam too close to sharkland but I was safe!

Water Park- If you want to feel like a 8 year old again, and in the best way possible, I highly suggest getting a day pass at the Atlantis and exploring the waterpark and riding the many slides they have available. Game changer!

Jumper: Get it here

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Photographer: E.I.

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