Street Style and Cookies in DUMBO NYC

I spent my weekend exploring new places in the city. One of my favorites I went to was DUMBO, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This area has really upgraded over the years. It has a nice mix of arts, shopping and dining. The greatest thing about DUMBO is the view of the Brooklyn bridge and the city. It is ABSOLUTELY stunning. I highly suggest grabbing a coffee and sandwich and having a picnic right by the water on the grass.

I took a few pictures in this super cute boho chic outfit while walking around. I mean, I had to! I was wearing these awesome embroidered jeans that reminded me of being in 12th grade and begging my mom to sow on patches and lace onto my jeans. These stunners are made by Level 99 jeans. I promise you, you will see these on lot's of people in the Fall. Get ahead of the curve and get some for yourself. I topped of my look with neutral tones and picked suede brown gladiator heels (low heel to deal with NYC walking), a striped top and blush pink sunnies.

After taking pictures I of course had to indulge in some cookies. I was told that One Girl Cookies has tea cookies at 75 cents a pop and naturally I bought their minimum of 4 and ended up doubling that..I mean...tea cookies are small so they are guilt free. Sort of.

While at One Girl Cookies I had their hibiscus tea. It was caffeine free and absolutely delicious. Next time you are in the city, make sure you stop by here!

Photographer: @selwyn.ramos