Journey with Javvy to Palm Springs: the Most Epic 30th Birthday Party at the Le Parker Meridien it happened. I turned the big 3-0. SHIT! Was I stressed? Worried? Feeling fossil-ish? Feeling like my body would just go downhill from here? Feeling like I should be married with 2 kids with a white picket fence and obv two super adorable golden retrievers? Yes. All of those thoughts went through my head. But you know what else went through my mind? How society has shaped me to feel this way and you know what? F society, I am not going to be put into the box you have perfectly wrapped for me. Why? Because nobody should and I have so much more to offer than that.

Instead of dreading the 3-0 I started celebrating it and thinking of things I wanted to achieve before thirty/while thirty and going after them. So I built my list and magically things have serendipitously fallen into place to align with my goals. Life can be cool like that sometimes. But some items are a work in progress.

Some of the items on my list:

NYC- check. Lifelong dream achieved. 

Learn how to speak French- working on it

Travel- NYC counts :) and more more exciting places are in the pipeline.  

Pay off my debt- YASSSSSS!! DONE

Try not to get in more debt- eeek but these designer sample sales are too hard to resist. Treat Yo-Self!

Get closer with my parents- strangely being away has brought us closer. A nice mutual love and respect has grown. We already had it but it has definitely flourished.

Be selfish sometimes- Yes..necessary. Treat Yo-Self

Eat healthier- ok so I was off to a better start earlier this year. Being in NYC has caused me to dive into pastas and pizza like they were going out of style. Oh and Gelato. Lots and lots of it! Part of my Treat Yo-Self mantra. 

Heal- I was injured last year and it really took a toll on my confidence, happiness and overall well being. I have spent countless hours going to doctors appointments and physical therapy appointments trying to heal my neck injury and it has been a struggle. I miss being fit and toned. But I am staying positive that in time I will get better. Cross your fingers for me.

Simpler style- trying to buy more classic pieces instead of spending all my cash on fast fashion items

Be a leader- In all avenues, but mainly with work. I love my job and I am constantly looking for ways I can be better at what I do.

#bday goals 30th birthday party- yep it happened and it was MAGICAL!

Ok now let's jump into my 30th birthday because my boyfriend worked with my bff to plan an ultimate #bdaygoals party. It was truly a dream come true and these pictures do not do it an ounce of justice.

It started as a weekend getaway with my closest friends in Palm Springs. Eric asked me what I wanted and I said, cake, the Parker hotel, schmores, cake, more cake and gold balloons. Well he did that and so much more. He worked with Linz and they sent out an itinerary to everyone of what to expect. They actually had physical itinerary cards printed. SO beautiful. The plan was for everyone to lay out at the Parker Le Meridien all day, have a champagne toast in our suite and then head to Eight 4 Nine restaurant for a private dinner party. Oh and end the night with more champs and schmores around a firepit. Can you say #bdaygoals or what?

My favorite part (other than the amaze hotel) had to be the dinner. I walked into the gorgeous private dining room at Eight 4 Nine restaurant and it was perfectly decorated. The actual restaurant decor is fantastic, and the added personalized elements for my birthday just made it off the charts perfection. The table was decorated with 10 frames filled with my baby photos        (was kind of cute with my mushroom cut/sumo wrestler face/rolls), square vases filled with peonies and hydrangeas, customized set menus with my birthday details on it, personalized itinerary and J A V V Y gold balloons. The other really special thing he did was work with Over the Rainbow Desserts to make me a "allergy friendly cake". I am highly allergic to all things in standard cakes and always end up eating some disgusting faux cake or cupcake from an allergy specialty shop. Well, this place made me the most delicious fluffy vanilla cream cake stuffed with fresh raspberries. Everyone said it was the best cake they have ever had and guess what? It was dairy, nut and corn free. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone going to the desert.

Then I go to the room and the Parker so graciously gave me a bottle of champagne and some treats but Eric was a gem and decorated the room with flowers, Veuve and cake. Oh and my GFs also brought me gorgeous flowers and a sweet note, so that was on the table of goodies. YASSS. All the things I wanted! Let's just say when speech time came around, I broke into a legit ugly cry and there were zero F's given. Tears of joy should never warrant feeling bad for crying! So basically...he killed it. So did my bff Linz by getting this thing moving and putting on her planning hat and championed Eric into making this all happen. She also had the itineraries made as a gift to me. LOVE her. Also LOVE all my dearest friends who came to celebrate my fossilness!

I am just going to stop blabbing and let you see the pictures for yourself.