Nudes are My Favorite

I am always on the go. It can be a bit exhausting, but at the same time, I find stagnant things in life to be quite boring, so as I quickly become overwhelmed, I do a few breathing exercises to remind myself the importance of being resilient.

While we are on the topic of resilience, let's talk about the need to be resilient in this life. The one answer interviewers love hearing about a candidate is that they are "resilient in their efforts at work". So why just settle at work, why not just be resilient in general. Being resilient does not necessarily mean to be a workaholic. It means that you work hard at the tasks in front of you. Whether that be being a girl boss at the office, or being a complete girl boss at home and managing a husband, children and keeping the house in order. You can be resilient in your health practice as well! I try to do breathing exercises, meditation breaks and stretches every day to keep my mind and body happy. Try it ;) Treat yo self!

Alongside my resilience obsession, I am also resilient in my commitment to being fashion forward, yet not breaking the bank. Pictured here, I mixed fast fashion with a few pricier staple pieces that I wear over and over again. I absolutely love mixing whites and nudes, they look so polished when they are worn together in the right way. If you are terrified of white pants, go for a pair of khaki or beige trousers. But coming from someone who treks on the subway, just don't sit and you will be golden!

Photographer: Selwyn Ramos

Top: Zara or similar

Pants: Zara or similar or similar

Jacket: Club Monaco or similar

Shoes: Louise et Cie

Purse: Chloe