The Travel and Adventure Show

If you couldn't tell already, I am quite passionate about traveling, so I had to attend the Travel and Adventure show while it was in Long Beach, CA. My goal for attending was to see what all the hype was about and to find new places to journey to. Let's just say, I found quite a few places I am interested in going to!

The conference floor was filled with booths set up by different traveling companies, agencies, hotels and tourism leads from around the world. The Korean tourism booth used the oculus rift technology to attract attendees to their booth. It certainly attracted me! I find it to incredible when companies make the right investment to attract people. Let's be honest, they are all paying for the same booth space, you might as well make your booth the most interactive and entertaining. This may be my digital strategist background speaking here, but I swear it makes a difference!

The show not only offered booths, they also had guest speakers and panelists of the travel industry speak. Rick Steves was one of the speakers and I have been a LONG time fan of his. I even was a super fan girl and asked him to take a selfie with me. So EMBARRASSING! 

Some of my favorite places I discovered while I was there are listed below for you to take a look at. Let me just say, I sifted through thousands of people and booths and these ones turned out to be my favorite. 

-Costa Rica- The Peace Lodge and the Springs Resort. While I am there would go to the Diamante Eco Adventure Park

- Palladium Hotels and Resorts- Interested in their Riviera Maya, Vallarta and Punta Cana resorts

-Cook Islands- Been dying to go to New Zealand and Australia and this is a short plane/boat ride away.

-Fiji- Nanuku Auberge Resort

-Croatia- Because I want to be on a yacht there, obviously!

My Intent bracelet with my custom "Grateful" message

I am so glad I attended this year, and also attended in style in this cute striped dress! You can get the look below :) Hope I inspired you to book some travel in these places! I know I certainly have these on my 2016 wishlist!