Grateful, Happy & Ready to Shop


Hi loves! Hope you are having the most wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones. I am personally spending mine with my parents and then family party hopping a bit. I wanted to share five things I am grateful for right now and also five places I plan to go shopping for Black Friday. Online and in stores! I always like to support shopping in the malls because hello...if all we did was shop online, then the stores that we love so much in the mall would eventually close. So do you share and divide your shopping like I do!

Grateful for:

1. Family- very grateful to have my parents close to me right now. As much as I am missing NYC, right now, it is nice to be around the family in Southern CA. The holidays make me sad at times because it feels a bit empty without my older brother, but my family and friends make me feel full of love that it helps tremendously. So thank you to them for that!

2. Career- I am finally in a place I love career wise. It took YEARS and I am finally where I want to be right now. It does not mean I don't want change later, I certainly do. Perhaps I will even blog full time. That is the ULTIMATE goal. But I will need some extra love and support from you and your friends to get to that point! BUT...I think we can get there. :)

3. Travel Plans- Really excited for a couple trips on the horizon. First stop Las Vegas this weekend, Art Basel next week and then perhaps THAILAND & BALI in the coming weeks.

4. Tony Robbins- I want to tell you ALL about this experience but I will need to wait for another day when I have HOURS to gather my thoughts and write. All I can say is...I bought this as a gift for Eric and I for Christmas and it was the best gift I could have given us.

5. YOU- I honestly could not be here with you all and your unbelievable support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my journey. Your words of encouragement, kind words and loyalty means SO MUCH. I promise to keep improving the blog and bringing you the best street style, travel advice and beauty tips I could get my hands on.

OK NOW SHOPPING! Hello Black Friday!

1. Revolve (up to 65% off their early access sale!) - I just bought this super cute romper to wear in Miami next week.

2. Bloomingdales (Some items are up to 50%, others you get 20% off when you spend $200 or more or 15% when you spend $100-$199)- I just bought these OTK boots

3. Shopbop (use code GOBIG16 for 55% during cyber week)

4. Asos (30% off of everything with code THANKFUL30)- time to get these Adidas sneaks!

5. Banana Republic- (50% off five regular priced items). Just bought this blouse and coat!

Happy shopping loves!