Why You Should Move to NYC

move to nyc_savvy javvy_why you should move to nyc_journey with javvy to nyc_under 30 in nyc
move to nyc_savvy javvy_why you should move to nyc_journey with javvy to nyc_under 30 in nyc
move to nyc_savvy javvy_why you should move to nyc_journey with javvy to nyc_under 30 in nyc
move to nyc_savvy javvy_why you should move to nyc_journey with javvy to nyc_under 30 in nyc

If you are 30ish and under, single or in a questionable relationship then listen to me. MOVE to NYC. Go explore, go on dates, go shopping and soak up all of the city life you possibly can get. There are endless lists of "things you should do in the city this day/week/month" that you can find online. ALSO endless amounts of people you could meet there. Friends, random conversations with strangers and lovers to meet. I know this sounds like it is all out of a fairytale. But it is true. Also, don't be silly and wrap yourself up in a relationship the minute you get there. Especially if you are under 26. LIVE IT UP!

The one thing you will need...total buzz kill...I am sorry...but you will needs funds. The city is expensive and life is generally just more expensive there. Some may be blessed and can have their parents support this sort of rendezvous, or a significant other will (lucky ducks...werk it). I personally didn't, so I saved for months to make this all happen.

Here are some ways to save in the city:

  • WALK do not take the taxi. Or take the subway.
  • Do not eat out everyday, instead pack a lunch, make your own coffee and once a week treat yo-self out to a cool restaurant
  • pre-party at your apartment
  • get a roomie to save on apartment $$$
  • shop at TJ's, it is the affordable way in the city
  • say yes to dinner dates ;) yolo
  • Amazon for everything (you can use an Amazon locker nearby your apartment to ship it to incase you do not have a doorman and have sketchy neighbors)

Personally, I did not do all of the above (like half of them). I had saved for months and months and knew I would be in the city for half the year. So I sort of treated myself way too much. As in I legit gained 5lbs even though I walked EVERYDAY. All the pasta and french fries and eating out got to me. Oh and ice cream at Fresco in the East Village on the daily. I WENT HAM and I have zero regrets. But could you still move to the city and be cost conscious, absolutely, follow my above bullets (aka cost-savings city life mantra). That is what a lot of my friends (locals) shared with me.

One thing I want to note, don't go to NYC thinking you can escape life or people. Things will catch up to you no matter where you are. Although NYC is a fun busy city, it can get lonely at times too. Being alone in your thoughts can lead to a downward spiral. Heal within or go to NYC with a plan to heal within rather than escape. I will talk about healing within in another post. Okay, I will stop preaching, but I try to be really raw and open with you all about my journey and try to share advice beyond just travel, fashion, beauty and food. This really is a lifestyle blog and in life...crazy stuff happens and I hope to talk about it on the REAL REAL here with you. 

Speaking of being real, being in NYC made me feel as if that were my new home. I am temporarily back in OC/LA now and it is AMAZING being with my family and friends...but a piece of my heart is still in that city and it is still calling my name. My bf and I are both actively looking for a sublease there for me to make the trek back. All I really wanted to say is..living in NYC was the best decision I think I have ever made and I wanted to share that feeling with you. Perhaps to inspire your big city dreams in your heart (that Sex in the City life that does not really exist but it is still fun). PS, feel free to email me any questions you may have about making this big move. If you have made this move, share with me your story! Would love to hear it!

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