New York Fashion Week Recap - A Complete Breakdown of a Day in the Life of a Blogger During Fashion Week and How to Get into Fashion Shows

Ok lovelies…so I finally really did NYFW the way I have always dreamed of doing it and it was certainly a dream come true. I decided no matter what, I am going to fashion week. I did not care if I was only invited to one show, it was just the fact that I wanted to soak up the street style, experience the frenzy and immerse myself in something I write and share with you all every single day. Besides, being in NYC during fashion week 3 years ago is what inspired me to even start a blog, so OBVIOUSLY I had to go! You HAVE to check out my first blog post btw, it is so cool to see how much it has evolved since it was a little embryo! See here!

To keep this all organized, I am going to write about each day. Also fun fact, I was recovering from a cold and working my real real job this whole time. So perhaps when I mentioned this week is a frenzy, it certainly was for me. Somehow I realized, when you love what you do (and I love both of my jobs), it really doesn’t feel like work. CHEESE…I know…!

Day 1: I took an overnight flight to get me into the city on Friday. (PS I have been back and forth between NYC and LA/OC because of work/personal as you may have seen on my insta…location identity crisis? Am I a NY’r now or a SoCal gal?). It took about an hour to get into the city and luckily I met up with my cutie blogger friend who was also flying in overnight and we went to the Misha Collection fashion show together. We rushed to her room (mine wasn’t ready yet!), got ready in 30 minutes and rushed out the door to join the Stila Cosmetics team backstage.

Backstage was a whirlwind of models, hair and makeup genies, PR gals, media, oh and the designer! I loved meeting Sarah Lucero, the head boss behind Stila Cosmetics. She shared with me which products she used to make the models look so natural and glowy. HELLO pretty highlighters! Once my friend Sam @whatwouldkikiwear and I were done backstage, we headed to the actual Misha Collection show. I stopped for a quick drink at Bar Hugo, the lounge there hosted by Hotel Hugo and walked in. I ran into another friend of mine @andeelayne! I have always loved her blog and we finally met in person! Ok now onto the show…if I could use three words to explain it, I would say sophisticated, sexy, feminine. I saw a lot of lace, leather, fringe, black, gold and sheer elements. So many I would just LOVE to wear from this collection. After the show I had to run to a showroom fitting to pick up some items for the events I was going to this week. One of which was the Vogue event hosted at Spring Studies, so obviously had to kill it in my night 1 outfit.

Night 1: After checking into my hotel and laying down for a good 20 minutes, I quickly showered and got ready to head over to my first Vogue hosted event. The little girl in me wanted to cry of excitement, but can’t mess up my makeup..OBV. I went SOLO, knew nobody, but did not care. All I needed was a little champs and somehow I mustered up the courage to talk to some Italiano guys that were there. One worked as a photographer and the other was an artist. I don’t know what it is but in NYC I feel much more confident? Is it in the air or am I just tripping? I also had an opportunity to meet some of the people that work at Vogue who were absolute sweethearts! I also ran into some of LA blogger gal pals which was perfect as we all obsessed over the photobooth and had one too many glasses of champs. Leaving the event, I was so exhausted but happy all at the same time and ready to have another fun filled day.

Day 2: Started my day going to the ShopStyle social house which was a fun escape from the shows to meet brands, other bloggers, pull clothes for shoots and to just relax. I ran into some friends and we walked around to the different exhibitors. I loved the Bauble Bar area as we got to pull cute necklaces and they had a polaroid wall. I have a slight obsession with photobooths and polaroids. Reminds me of being a kid.

I finished up, grabbed a chai matcha at my favorite place in the city, Matcha Bar (down the street from our Chelsea subleased apartment), then went to my hotel to change for the Banana Republic show. Here I wore my IT outfit. My “hello it is NYFW” outfit. I cannot wait to wear this on my next European trip. It is very St. Tropez! As you walk up to shows, it is fun to see when photographers like what you are wearing as they take pics of you walking in. I kept thinking…umm don’t know why you are snapping me but I am not mad about it! Guess it is a big compliment, but it was all new to me!

The Banana show was a presentation and it was so nice to have the opportunity to really look at the details of an outfit. I loved this stripe navy and red jumpsuit (seen in my video) as well the checkered black and white coat. Need those both!! I also had the opportunity to talk to one of my style icons, Olivia Palermo! She is so lovely and truly one of the most elegant women I have ever met. I got to go to the show with my photographer, @selwyn.ramos and we got to take in some snaps of my outfit to post on the blog. He has been my go-to photographer in NYC. We understand each other’s aesthetic and we love creating some magical content together. Also…love that after each time we shoot we eat like pigs! Follow him if you are not already!

Night 2: Later I got ready to go to the Armani Si party hosted by Vogue. So fabulous, as were the goody bags! At this party I met a couple of new friends and we decided to play the whole night! I separated from them shortly and had to stop by my friend Chelsea Hansford’s fashion show, the goddess behind the Simon Miller brand. Her and her partner had an incredible presentation with a live band and drinks flowing. Now that is what I call a presentation! Booze and fashion? Yes, please! I really loved the wedge wooden platforms, the nude colored items and the simplicity of the design. They are really known for their Japanese denim! I loved the light baby blue denim jacket paired with the matching denim pants. Definitely adding that on my wish list.

After the show, I headed back to the Vogue x Armani Si party to see some of my LA gal pals; Molls, Payton, Claudia, Sage and Kristen. A few of us grabbed dinner after in SoHo and then afterwards I left and went to meet up with some new friends (Afrodet, Chloe and Shameda) I met at the party at Soho House. The rooftop there was just magical. Great music, drinks and awesome people watching. No pics allowed though (LAME). I guess they are teaching me a lesson to be “present” or whatever. After that, we wanted to see Post Malone perform so we headed over to a club. I was exhausted, in an outfit worth more than my monthly salary (showroom pull) that did not belong in a nightclub, so I HAD to put myself in check and get my booty to my hotel room to relax and sleep! Great second day of fashion week!!

Day 3: I was so excited that the girls I met from Vogue had invited me to a retreat. We started our morning at Marie Robinson salon for a blowout using the new Dyson blow dryer. Works like a charm! Adding to my wish list! From there, my friends (aka my babes you need to follow) @trendmovement and @claudiagraziano and I went to the Vogue Retreat. The Retreat was hosted to provide a place to relax and unwind for editors and influencers. It was so nice to brunch with my girlfriends and just chill out! Something I had not done in days it seemed like. After that, we walked over to the J Crew Presentation in the same building. Saw a lot of cute clothes I want to add to my work wardrobe and to pack for my next Spring-time vacation. After leaving there, I met up with one of my girlfriends and we got ready for the Prabal Gurung show.

Night 3: We struggled leaving the house, but somehow we found the perfect outfits and left. We were 10 minutes late—per usual. But luckily, fashion shows tend to start 10-15 (sometimes 30) minutes late, so THANKFULLY we were in the clear. We were able to be front row which was an awesome experience. Inches away from Hailey Baldwin walking the catwalk. Hello hottie! I was wearing a high slit Prabal Gurung skirt I had in my closet and was anxiously awaiting to wear at his show. It really makes for a perfect date night outfit. In fact, when I think of his clothes I envision a women being the edgiest and chicest woman in the room. I really loved the super long sleeves on some of his pieces, it really toned down some of the edge and made it quite ethereal. How do I get my hands on that navy blue dress with the silver details and peek-a-boo shoulders?

Day 4: I woke up early and got to shoot with @selwyn.ramos and then I posted up at a coffee shop all day to get my work done! Afterwards, I had another shoot with @colbyblount. An awesome photographer I met at the Banana show who works for Getty. As soon as I finished my shoots, I rushed over backstage with Stila Cosmetics to the Vivienne Tam show. Loved how they did the makeup for that show. I wish Sarah Lucero could do my makeup for me one day! Also, at the show I spoke to Nigel Barker and got to meet the designer! She was so lovely!

Night 4: After the Vivienne Tam show, I rushed over to Milk Studios for the Reward Style x Milk Makeup party they had on their rooftop. It was so fun mingling with my blogger friends and of course, drinking champs. I swear champs is the way to survive the week! After a few rounds I grabbed some friends and we headed over to Soho House to go to the Next2Shine event. I was super excited that there was a private performance by Colony House! You have to check them out.

Day 5: I was able to do a shoot in the morning and drop by the Alice and Olivia show. Afterwards I had to camp out at a coffee shop and work until the Reem Acra fashion show. I went backstage and got to hang out with my friend Amanda that I used to work with in PR from many moons ago! So nice seeing a familiar face in the midst of all the fun-craziness of the week. Maybelline was doing the makeup and Zoya nail polish did their nails. I was obsessed with the pink tones they used and got to take some home with me! We looped around when the show started and I got to sit FRONT ROW! O. M. G! I met this stunning blogger Bo Mulder, who is a travel junkie like myself with the cutest dog. Follow her at @bo_seaofb . The dresses were so gorgeous. I loved all the sheer details and the different layers and cuts of the cloth.

Night 5: After the show, Amanda and I grabbed a quick glass of wine and French fries, my absolute two favorite things ever. Then we headed to Nolita and grabbed a real dinner. She is such a boss and I am so proud to see her killing it in the PR world. She deserves it! Afterwards I went home, did some more work and passed out!

Day 6: Ahh yes, my favorite. The MARCHESA show. I was invited by my friend’s team to go backstage and cover the beauty the segment and I had it all over my snap and you can see snippets in my video too! I saw a mixture of slicked back hair and flowy wavy hair, perfect nails and beautiful makeup. Afterwards we looped to the front and made our way to front row of the show. Walking into this show was a very unique experience. Everyone sitting in the front row was either a celebrity, a huge influencer or a magazine editor. Somehow I ended up there ;) and I sat right next to the most beautiful and sweet Olivia Culpo. We bonded over all of the designs and secret beauty fixes we use! You should follow her Instagram, she is always up to fun things!

Night 6: After Marchesa I had to rush home in the pouring rain. Worried my dress and shoes would get destroyed, no umbrella and ZERO available ubers. I refuse to take my heels off in the city so I walked a couple blocks to American Apparel and bought shoes one size too small (that is all they had left) for myself and walked back to jump into bed. At this point, my neck was killing me (I have neck issues if I haven’t told you before!), had makeup running down my face, soaked hair, and blistered feet from the heels. Fashion week can be so glam yet so un-glam when you are living that big city, fast-paced life. But it is all worth it!  

I got back to the coffee shop then decided to head to my friend’s apartment and work the rest of the time in my PJs. YASSS!! After a little work and relaxation, I mustered up the energy to meet my blogger friend @sivanayla. If you are not following her already, you need to. She is such a human mermaid, so sweet, fun and extremely chill. I met her officially a few weeks prior to fashion week at the Revolve Social House for the Wildfox party and was so excited to run into her at fashion week. She gives the best fashion and food tips! I respect and admire her so much! Sivan, Shameda (my other friend @trendmovement mentioned earlier..which did I say she is big boss at LVMH and has a beauty blog? So cool!) and I grabbed dinner in the meat packing district and just had a mellow night. I rushed home after and worked and bonded with my two close friends, Bita and Nakta, who were my roomies the remainder of the week!

Day 7: This was an all work day. I posted up at a coffee shop and did not do any blog things until sunset where I got to get a shoot in with Selwyn. We ofcourse had to go get tacos afterwards, as they are our favorite. Have you checked out Los Tacos at the Chelsea Market? It is a MUST!

Day 8: This was an all-day work and shoot day but at night I got to go to something very exciting! Grace Coddington, the visionary behind Vogue Magazine had a Vogue sponsored private book signing at the Hudson Yards in one of their penthouse suites. It was honestly the best close to fashion week to have a personalized signed book by her. She is a creative genius and to see her unbelievable beautiful editorial work in the book, just motivated me beyond belief on how to sprinkle in some editorial looks into my shoots.

So there you have it. As detailed as I could be so that you could sort of see what it is like during fashion week. What I learned this week is that the fashion industry can be a nice place too. Were there people I spoke to that thought too highly of themselves and were not the nicest? YES, but not mentioned above. Did I meet some incredible women whom I am happy to call friends now? YES. That is all that matters J Not everyone loves fashion week, but I did and I can’t wait to go the next one.

My advice to bloggers wanting to attend: be confident in your brand and reach out to lines that align with your audience. If you are in the start-up phase, you can still absolutely go to shows. Even brands that are not mass commercialized have shows (and sometimes their stuff is even cooler than items you will see on the main catwalks). Reach out to their PR contact, introduce yourself, send your media kit and pitch to them why you should be there. I am sure they would love to have you there. Also, you may have to book your travel last minute if you are unsure of your schedule. PR companies usually send out the confirmations 1-2 weeks ahead of the show. Just a fair warning…NYC is expensive! Flight, Hotel, Food, YOUR CLOTHES and taxis add up. So do the dranks! So either save save save (unless you have a mommydaddy/bf/husband sponsor which I do not lol) OR prefer to wait until a brand sponsors your trip, it might be more beneficial to you! Hope you enjoyed my story loves! For those of you who made it this far, THANK YOU! You mean so much to me for being a part of this crazy, fun fashion journey!



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