Journey with Javvy: Italy - Milan

Ciao Milano! All I had planned for Milan were a few things, and I am pretty sure your list may consist of similar items. Essentially my goal was; pasta, pizza, pasta, pizza, vino, vino, vino, vino, disco, shopping for leather goods, Duomo and saying Ciao Bella nonstop. Did I mention pasta? 

I spent several days in Milan and had an ultimate blast because our friends joined us there. Two of our friends were engaged and were ready to tie the knot in Lake Como, but prior to their wedding, we partied like there was no tomorrow. We ended up going to Roberto Cavalli’s club, Just Cavalli and danced with many locals and tourists. It started pouring rain on us and we did not have a care in the world and kept dancing around when everyone left the club. Blame it on the champagne!

I wanted to provide you with a few recommendations for hotels, places to eat and disco.

Sightseeing in Milan:

La Scala Opera House- One of the most famous theaters around!

Santa Maria delle Grazie church- This is where you can see Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”.

San Siro Futbol Stadium- This huge stadium houses the hottie Italiano soccer players! Yes please!

Shopping- There is a shopping quarter around Via Montenapoleone. Stop by and pick up some goodies to bring home!

Duomo- You truly cannot miss this beautiful cathedral. A must see in Milan!

Best Hotel in Milan: 

The Westin Palace hotel was divine! It truly felt like my hotel room was straight out of an episode of Gossip Girl. Gold, victorian and exuded royal elegance. 

Our friends stayed at the Boscolo Milano and they thoroughly enjoyed the largest spa in the city. 

Where to Eat in Milan:

Nerino Dieci Trattoria- If you are looking for incredible seafood and pasta, try this spot. It is small so good luck getting in!

II Principe dei Navigli- one of my favorites in Milano for Italian food

Le Tournedos- scrumptious pizza!

Langosteria- delicious seafood and cozy atmosphere!

Ristorante Piazza Repibblica- I had the most delicious arrabiata sauces here! I am still dreaming of this homemade pasta!

Pravda- Great for aperitif 

Where to Disco in Milan:

Gaina Cafe- Great for drinks and a nice atmosphere

Just Cavalli- This is the club owned by the famed fashion designer; Roberto Cavalli.

Armani Bamboo Bar- Incredible cocktails and sexy decor. Great view of the Duomo.

Best Gelato in Milan:

Grom- All I have to say is that they better open one in the US. This gelato was fresh and delicious.

II Massimo del Gelato- Fantastic gelato. A little pricey, but so worth it!

Best Cafe in Milan:

Bar Luce- hands down the most adorable place. My boyfriend and I have slight obsession with Wes Anderson films, therefore we had to go see this cafe. The desserts and coffee are delicious! Mendl’s is jealous!

Panini Durini- A cool, modern, friendly cafe! Definitely stop by for an espresso and treat.

What to wear in Milan:

The Milanese are known to be extremely fashion forward and that is spot on. I pulled out my chic Michael Stars jumper for one of the days, that ended up being the outfit I wore until 4 am at the disco! Very versatile. I also wore a fringe black skirt paired with a black lace top for a chic date night. Check out the outfits in this post and the links to these looks are found below!

I had an opportunity to explore these wonderful spots and I listed all of my favorites here. There were a few that did not make the cut, but anything that involves pizza and pasta is hard to dismiss!

Hope you liked my Milan recap on the best places I stumbled upon during my visit!

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