LA Art Show

I am quite the art lover. I could spend hours walking around a museum exploring different eras in art and play-pretend in my mind what it would be like to be the person in the painting or try to envision what the painter was thinking. It is a fun escape, I highly recommend you try it if you have an imaginative weirdo mind like moi!

When the LA art show came to my city I knew I absolutely had to attend. It did not matter that the side of my face was swollen and broken out in hives from an allergic reaction (looking like Hitch, no joke!) and that I was on loads of meds for that and for a stiff neck. Nothing was going to stop me from getting out of the house. This cabin fever has had me feeling a wee bit depressed so I needed to get in escape mode in one of my favorite!

The LA Art Show was at the LA convention center in the heart of DTLA. I love attending conferences and tradeshows there as there are so many delicious restaurants in DTLA that I get to wander over to after. Some of my favorites include Kazunori and Baco Mercat. Since I was not feeling on top of it, I decided to spend most of my energy at the art show.

I loved the Monet exhibit (ofcourse I did, I am such a Parisian obsessed child), and I absolutely fell in love with Melanie Pullen's High Fashion Crime Scenes exhibit. She had a live dark and eerie exhibit where it showed two artists ripping the guts out of a dead body (she was alive, don't worry). I am not into gruesome things, in fact I hate scary movies, but I love CSI. I watch those shows up until I feel like they are about to show me a dead body and I get grossed out and look away. Back to my point, Pullen's artistry and combination of photography, fashion and crime scenes is so tasteful that it is appreciated by a even a queazy person like myself. I love it and hope to buy one of her pieces for my place. 

There were 1000's of people at the LA Art Show. It was so wonderful seeing people in the art scene and also seeing loads of parents bringing their children and exposing them to art at such a young age. I hope to attend every year to continue seeing all of the LA Art Galleries exhibiting their new creative masterpieces. PS tickets are so cheap, only $20! 

What did I wear to this event? My staples black staples ofcourse! I picked up this super cute convertible sweater and cardigan from Kersh Clothing. It was perfect for my art scene look. My hat and hair over half of my face was totally accepted by my fellow artists. Maybe they thought I was making a statement? Or just being an emo girl? Who knows, all I know is I did not care, I was just blessed and happy to be out of the house and exploring some beautiful art in the LA scene.

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Cardigan: Kersh Clothing

Sweater: Kersh Clothing