Journey with Javvy to Mexico: TULUM

When it comes to Tulum, Mexico, I do not know where to even start. This place is a magical safe haven of peace and relaxation. The only thing you need to pack are bikinis, sandals, sunglasses, coverups and bug spray. Yes, bug spray, as Tulum is a city nestled in the jungle. The city prides itself with its conservation efforts and promotes a yogi and juice lifestyle centered around purifying the best version of yourself. If I had a month to live in Tulum, I would be 10lbs skinnier and much healthier!

I stayed at a few hotels in Tulum just to get the full experience. Ahau Tulum was very special because I got to stay in a hut right on the beach just steps away from the ocean. You can hear the ocean breeze and the birds at night. I suggest the hut if you do not mind not having air conditioning and just using a fan. If you want air conditioning, just book one of the rooms there and you will have practically the same experience, just a little more upgraded. The room version is pictured above, and the hut styled version is pictured a few pics below.

Because all I want in life is chips and guacamole, that is exactly what I got every single day on this trip. Let's be honest, guacamole in Mexico is 100% better than in the states. Especially when they cut open a fresh coconut and allow you to drink fresh coconut water without charging you an arm and a leg!

Per the recommendation of a close friend, my boyfriend and I rode bikes and went to lunch at Posada Margherita. Let's just say I still have dreams about this meal. It was the fresh catch of the day topped with lemon and olive oil and fresh tomatoes. Every item in this meal was clean and very healthy. Soy free, nut free, dairy free and junk free! Also topped off my meal with a delicious spicy pineapple juice. 5 stars.

There are small boutiques that surround the restaurant and incredible decor sprinkled all throughout this garden property.

After lunch we went on a long bike ride exploring different stores and boutiques, but prior to doing that, we wanted to secure a reservation at the renowned Hartwood Tulum. This place was started by a chef couple from Brooklyn and it is extremely charming and a perfect night spot to grab a drink. They have a tricky reservation process though so you need to either hire a local to stand in line for you or just take a break from the beach yourself and stand in line at 1PM or 3PM (depending on when the hostess arrives) to get your name on the list. Given that there are only a handful of tables, if you are not close to the front of the line, I would suggest coming back another day and showing up a little bit earlier.

When we arrived for our reservation at Hartwood, I had the fresh catch of the day and a spicy margarita! It was delicious!

After Hartwood, we went for a walk and bar hopped. We went to Gitano, Casa de Banana and Casa de Jaguar.

We woke up early the next day to go visit the Tulum Ruins. You pay a small entrance fee and you are off to have a history lesson. It is beautiful to see that these ruins have been around for 100's of years. I got a bit hot on my walk and decided to take off my Stone Cold Fox dress and strut around in my Becca Swimwear bikini. 

After the ruins, we found a taxi that took us to the Cenotes. He was so kind, he dropped us off and waited one hour for us to play in the underwater caves filled with fresh water and then swooped us back up. That was fantastic service and very kind of him. The cenotes are treasured in Mexico as they are the purest water. So pure that they make you shower before entering them. DO NOT PEE IN THERE. Just a quick tip, the water is cold, it is not warm like the ocean there.

After finishing with the Cenotes we walked by our hotel and checked out the rosé shop and picked up a bottle or two and relaxed by the beach.

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The next day we got to check out the Mi Amor Tulum. A luxurious, exclusive and private hotel in Tulum. First off, the service is fantastic, the view in incredible, the rooms are modern and the food is phenomenal. I highly suggest staying at this hotel for any occasion, especially an anniversary or honeymoon. It is absolutely divine! You feel as if you are a celebrity being completely pampered and welcomed in the minute you step foot onto their property. I suggest breakfast, lunch and dinner there. You will not want to even leave the hotel. 5 stars!

The next day we went back to Casa de Jaguar for some refreshments and stopped by this boutique I have been following on Instagram for quite sometime, Caravana Montaecristo. I picked up this gorgeous white dress and walked around for miles until we got to our next hotel location, BeTulum. This hotel is another 5 star location. It is youthful, hip and beautiful. The pool is gorgeous and the dinner we had right on the sand was extremely romantic. This was another magical dinner night that we shared while in Tulum.

The ceviche here was Peruvian style and absolutely delicious!

I truly cannot describe the feeling I had while I was in Tulum, but it was nothing short of magical. In the words of my boyfriend, "grab someone you love and take them to Tulum". Which he successfully did and I am forever now in love with this place.