Journey with Javvy to Mexico: Cancun Part 2

My first post at the Excellence Hotel in Playa Mujeres discussed all of the food at the amazing resort. But now I want to talk about my two favorite things, which is fashion and entertainment! Every night I would somehow end up at the Xo Lounge, which is this gorgeous outdoor lounge located right on the beach. It was filled with party goers, a DJ and unlimited alcohol. Which makes staying on an all inclusive property a huge plus! 

As far as fashion goes, I essentially lived in a bikini and simple cover-ups throughout the day. I absolutely loved this white crochet bikini from Becca Swimwear. I paired it with a white sheer crochet short so that I felt comfortable walking around the property when I was away from the pool or beach. You can shop this look at the links below this post!

During the day I was entertained fully just roaming around the pretty property and migrating from the swim up bar to a hammock or even a daybed. The world is your oyster at this property!

If you want to venture off the property and live that private beach life, you can go walk onto the silky white sand and layout, play volleyball, do cartwheels, stand up paddle board, parasail, boating and my absolute favorite; jet skiing! Some of these do cost money, but it is absolutely worth it for the entertainment and experience factor.

In the evening you have two choices, to either stay on property or to go to downtown Cancun. Downtown Cancun is complete shenanigans but is very fun. Just be careful to not take drinks from strangers and to watch your purse. Also, even if you are an adult, do make sure you utilize the buddy system. Even set up a meeting area for you two to meet if you lose each other. I utilize these tools for any place I travel, whether it is in the states or out and it helps to keep you safe!

If you choose to stay on property, each night the resort puts on this elaborate celebrations or shows. Night one was a Michael Jackson impersonator who danced IDENTICAL to him. He also had a group of dancers that joined in the performance that were also just as impressive. I felt like I was in Las Vegas and paid for an expensive show, and much to my delight, it was included as one of our amenities. 

Night two was an authentic Mexican fiesta filled with a mariachi band and incredible food. The entire hotel courtyard was decorated as if it were a legitimate fiesta, and let me just tell you, it truly was.

The fiesta was the perfect way to end this lovely visit at the Excellence resort in Playa Mujeres. Next on my Journey with Javvy series is my trip to Tulum! Will be posting those pics and travel tips next week! 

Wishing you all a magical 4th of July weekend! Stay safe and be merry!

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Bikini: Becca Swimwear (in black)

Shorts: Crochet shorts