Journey with Javvy to Mexico: Cancun

On to my next adventure, I went to the beautiful and very private Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres for half the week and spent the remainder of the time in a hut right on the beach at the Ahau Tulum! I have so much to cover in the next couple of weeks on places to go eat and play, but I want to spread it out as it is a lot of information!

In Cancun I got to stay at the Excellence Resort and it was an all inclusive style resort. No wristbands or cheesy bracelets, this place is so private you have to go through two gates of security just to get there. Once you arrive to the front, you are greeted with champagne and let's just say the fine hospitality did not end there. It was received by practically every person on the property.

There are 9 delicious restaurants on site and I tried to go to practically every one. I have my favorites listed below:

Breakfast: Toscana is incredible as it has a buffet style set up prior to 11 AM. Try the Mexican coffee, you won't be disappointed. 

Drinks: go to the swim up pool for a pina colada or the chelada which is a mixture of beer and lime juice!

Lunch: Lobster house that is situated right above the pool! Make sure you order the chicken tacos and the steak. Also, the guacamole was fantastic!  

Dinner: Go to Agave if you are craving authentic Mexican food (I are in Mexico!), Spice if you love Teppanyaki (Insider Tip: stand in line in front of the restaurant at 5:50PM to make sure you can get a reservation in for that night's Teppanyaki room. They tend to fill up!), Chez Isabelle if you feel like having a Parisian affair, or Basmati if you want Indian food.

I will share all of my entertainment tips on my next post, but for now, enjoy these fun photos I took on property in Cancun in my gorgeous ále by Alessandra Copper Canyon bikini. I snuck in one photo of the incredible hut I got to stay in when I ventured over to Tulum later that afternoon, of course still wearing my ále bikini!

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