Don't Celine Me On

I had such a wonderful day with Photographer Runak Chavoshi shooting this pre-summer look! Since our weather is a bit bi-polar, this look allows you to show off some leg. We happened to shoot this look before I wen't blonde, so please don't mind my seemingly bi-polar hair! 

When it comes to handbags, my two favorite luxury brands of all time are Chanel and Celine. Here I am wearing a Celine Luggage Tote Bag. This bag is so chic to carry to any business meeting or just in general if you are a tote-bag carrying kind of girl. The leather is extremely soft yet sturdy and I swear the bag is worth every penny!

To match with the neutral look of the bag, I opted for a similar colored heel, white tennis dress with navy piping and light natural makeup tones.

Enjoy! xo