Journey with Javvy to Italy: Milan

Milan, a huge city nestled in the beautiful country of Italy filled with fashion, delicious food and tons of eccentric people. What I loved most about Milan was running around the streets all day and night finding cool places to eat and drink endless amounts of wine. The way that I was able to transition my style to match this all day marathon of fun was by packing a light leather coat and heels in my day bag. When I was ready to go to a nice dinner or venture to a wine bar, I would switch out my daytime high-tops into something sexy to match the beautiful crowd in this incredible city.

Some of my favorite restaurants are listed for you below:

Fancy eats:

Italian/Mediterranean: Da Vic- Ristorante Guerrini - the flavors of the food there is impeccable

Seafood: Ristorante Glauco

Affordable eats: 

La Pida se' Parsot: great for a quick bite

G.B. Bar: Great cafe for sandwiches and espresso!