Your Guide to Paris - Journey with Javvy to France

Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower wearing this gorgeous Michael Stars skirt, Kenneth Cole flatforms, Jaleh Clothing light coat, Forever 21 hat and Zara crop top.

Once a year I embark on a journey across the globe to explore new cities, culture and most importantly, the food! I am excited to take you along for the ride and share the tips and tricks I learned along the way. 

My first stop happened to be in a city that I often escape to in my mind when I need a break from life’s everyday grind. A city that is so rich in architecture, history and romance. A city where you find couples kissing passionately on the steps of practically every monument. A city I hope to one day call home. This magical city I speak of is Paris, if you have not guessed it yet. 

Everybody always asks me about what to do and see in Paris and my answer always drags on for over an hour. After my close friends and family quickly realized I was quite the parisian lover/francophile, they started referring everyone to ask me about everything and anything Paris. So I took hours to jot down my favorite spots and even asked some locals for some advice and I compiled this very comprehensive guide to Paris. Now, I am not going to narrow the list of places to see down to the top 10 things to do in Paris, as that would be cutting it’s potential short. Instead, I have broken it up into sections, which I am positive will be the best guide for your next trip to Pahree!

The moment I almost got arrested. I decided it would be fun to get a shot while on the Merry-go-round, so I ran and jumped on it while it was moving. Which also meant I skipped the line and didn't pay. Let's just say I was yelled at in French violently and I learned not to be such a degenerate tourist. Note to you, my friends, learn from my mistake and don't do this. Respect our Parisians!

The ever so luxurious lobby of the Four Seasons George V Paris. I highly suggest this hotel if you are looking for a 5 star experience! The flowers in the lobby are absolutely stunning!

Hotels in Paris

Hotel Costes- one of the more famous boutique hotels situated in a sexy part of the city. Dinner and champagne there is an absolute must. Followed by dessert wine in the bar afterwards. I must admit, they have the best cheesecake I have ever devoured in my life. Given I am lactose intolerant, it was worth every inch of my bloated belly!

Westin Paris Vendome - this is for all of you Starwood folks who hope to utilize or stack up your SPG points. This hotel is stunning and does not disappoint. The breakfast was my favorite out of all of the Starwood properties I have visited. Still dreaming of that lox!

Four Seasons George V Paris- If you want a 5 star experience and have the cash to shell it out, then your ultimate luxurious experience can be found at this decadent hotel. Just walk into the lobby filled with the most beautiful fleurs. You can catch some pictures of me there right here above in this post.

The famous Ferris Wheel in Paris! A must if you want some incredible views of the city.

Sightseeing in Paris

Eiffel tower- because you have to see Paris’ most iconic tower. Stop by a local bakery and pick up bread, cheese and prosciutto and of course, some vino. Have a little picnic and enjoy this beautiful tower. Also, you could ride to different levels of the tower if you are not afraid of heights!

Musee d’Louvre- A museum that is filled with beautiful art inside and outside of the space. The juxtaposition of the metal and glass pyramids against the historic structure of the museum is incredible!

Musee d’Orsay- Some may say that this is their favorite museum in all of Paris! Definitely a must see!

Saint Germain des Pres- If you have a sweet tooth, walk through this lovely historic area dated back to the 6th century! I hope you are on an all chocolate diet. 

Sainte Chapelle- 13th century gothic chapel in the heart of Paris. The area it is located in is so cute and quaint. I really enjoyed walking through the beautiful surrounding streets.

Notre Dame- A stunning historical Catholic cathedral that I am positive you may have heard of in your lifetime.

Montmarte- beautiful historic area! Home of Moulin Rouge! 

Grand Palais- Located in the Champs-Elysees, this large exhibition hall and museum is truly a historic spectacle. Great for pictures!

Arch de Triomphe- One of Paris’ iconic monuments, the large arch stands in the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle on the western end of the Champs-Elysees. Head down the Champs afterwards for some shopping!

Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche- Paris’ first modern department store! I am a big time shopper so I absolutely loved this spot. 

Place de la Concorde- This is the largest square in Paris. It is right along the Seine and separates the Champs-Elysees and Tuilerie Gardens. You may approach a very familiar fountain if you are a Devil Wears Prada fan! 

Sacre Coeur Basilica- located in historic Montmarte, the Basilica of Sacred Heart contains some of the most beautiful views of the city. Sit on the steps and enjoy a relaxed day or evening. If you catch a low key night with not too much to do, grab a bottle of wine and some appetizers and go sit on the steps and look at the sparkly lights of the city.

St. Michel- right in the latin quarter, this area has a ton of cute restaurants to hop around to. If I remember correctly, L’Avant Comptoir is in the area and it is a great tapas and drinks spot.

Le Marais- perfection for shopping, drinks and my most favorite; aperitif. Jump over to the Jewish district and have the tastiest falafel at L'As du Falafel. You will thank me later!

Avenue Montaigne- when you feel like splurging on some musts at Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Valentino and Dior, to name a few! Well worth it if you ask me!

Galeries Lafayette- go here for architecture overload! Even if you don’t like to shop you will still be fascinated by the architecture.

Made it to Le Marais! One of my favorite areas to shop and grab drinks.

Here I am wearing this sexy yet chic lace up top from Nasty Gal, distressed jeans by Pistola Denim and Kenneth Cole flatforms. Paired this outfit with a cute hat and a vintage belt I stole from my mom!

An über fabulous date night at Hotel Costes. Dim and very sexy vibe.

I fell asleep in my clothes! Must have had such a fabulous time at Hotel Costes with all of the champagne we devoured. Date night success!

The Gardens in Paris, better known as Jardins


Jardin des Tuleries- Remember all those ferris wheel pictures you see of Paris? This is where you need to go. This is one of Paris’ most popular gardens as it is right by the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde (I have details about these places throughout this post).

Parc Monceau- this is the most peaceful park I visited in Paris. Situated in an area that did not contain a lot of tourists, but more locals with their children. The park looks as though it is straight out of a fairytale. Beautiful sculptures are placed throughout the park that give it sort of a roman feel.

Palais Royale- Perfect park situated on the other side of the Louvre. Pack some sandwiches and relax here after going to the museum. 

Place des Vosges- Right in the Marais district. This is a perfect place to rest your feet after all of the walking and shopping you may have done in Le Marais.

Jardin du Luxemberg- After you are done walking around Saint Germain, come to this gorgeous park simply because it is breathtaking. You will certainly want to take a picture of the Luxembourg palace. I certainly dreamed of this place many times after visiting it.

Versailles- to visit the Palace de Versailles. This is a 20-30 minute train ride out of Paris and it is beyond beautiful! Will cover this in my next post!

Giverny- Claude Monet’s beautiful home and jardin! The fleurs are breathtaking here! This is a train ride out to the french countryside. Make an afternoon of it!

A fabulous brunch with my family at Tarte-Tatin. A locals spot not too far from the St. Germain area.

Strolling through Saint Germain and Saint Michel wearing this Riller and Fount top, Michael Stars hat, Pistola Denim, Diane Von Furstenberg fringe bag and Sam Edelman sandals.

Jardin du Luxembourg!

Where to eat


Cafes and Patisseries:

Ralphs- Ralph Lauren’s very own restaurant. A must for breakfast or brunch!

Tarte-Tatin- Most beautiful outdoor patio. This is off the beaten path and is a local Parisian spot. If you feel like ditching the tourists, head over to this delicious spot. 

Carette- go there for the lovely people watching and croissants!

Comptoir de la Gastronomi- I could imagine so many Yelpers going crazy for this spot! Very boujie!

Bar de la Croix Rouge- A perfect parisian cafe for good snacks and dessert

L’Avenue- I love the scene here and the food is fantastic! Hard to get a seat so plan ahead. I booked my reservation before I got to the city.

Laduree- need I explain? Some of the most incredible pastries in the loveliest packaging! If you loved Mendl’s from the Grand Budapest Hotel, then you would love it here! 

Pierre Herme- for those who are macaroon connoisseurs, I highly suggest you pick up some macaroons from here. 

Bespoke- great for Sunday brunch and cocktails!

The famous Siene River

The pyramid structures at the Louvre Museum

Where to Eat in Paris Cont..


Dinner and Drinks:

Hotel Costes- as mentioned above. This is a place to be and a place to be seen. The cool cats seem to all venture here for dinner. Expect every waitress to look like an all natural model, but expect the people to dine there to be in their furs and best outfits. 

Maxim’s- If you want to go big and splurge, eat here. It is phenomenal and uber romantic!

Yeeels- Amazing bar and restaurant. Sexy vibe, definitely a must see.

La Societe- a fashion industry favorite. A place to have delicious food and see some chic people in the fashion industry.

Pamela Popo- perfect, chic and casual vibe at this restaurant and the food is delicious!

Caviar Kaspia- If you want some incredible caviar, stop by this special spot!

Le Train Bleu- a local Parisian recommended this place to me. Absolutely divine gastronomic restaurant. Look up the pictures of this place, I promise you will thank me later. The roasted leg of lamb and the potatoes gratis are 5 stars!

FANFAN by La Tulipe-  If you want an amazing drink in an off the beaten path type of place. 

Le Relais de L’Entrecote- Nothing beats a solid steak frites and this is the spot to go to if that is what you are looking for. Simple because that is all they serve there! This is a very old establishment and it is a spot I have at the top of my list every time I venture to Paris.

Mama shelter- I love this restaurant because of the delicious food and the pretty terrace!

Steak Frites at Relais de L'entrecote

Steak Frites at Relais de L'entrecote

Where to Disco in Paris


Titty Twister- imagine Paris chic meets the lower east side and you have yourself the Titty Twister.

Wanderlust- A place to see indie bands, enjoy terrace cocktails, watch movie screenings and let’s just say they are open until 6AM for all of you party people out there!

Zig Zag- A perfect spot that mixes international house and techno.

Le Baron- a very secluded hotspot open until 4AM.

Candelaria- imagine a revamped Gatsby speakeasy hidden behind a taqueria. If you are feeling tequila vibes then I highly suggest you check this spot out.

La Fidelite- This place was founded by Andre Saraiva, the nightlife king of Paris who started the Le Baron empire. It is pretty casual during the day, but at night the sexy vibe turns up and local Parisians get their dance on.

Waking up to this balcony view and ready to head to Versailles

Waking up to this balcony view and ready to head to Versailles

I promise you will not be able to see all of these spots unless you plan on staying in Paris for two weeks, if that is true then grab a quick flight or train ride to Bordeaux, say hi to my family that lives there (haha) and go to the wine capital of the world! Afterwards, take a train to Provence and go visit the gorgeous lavender fields! Now that is something I have been dying to do and I will just need to add that to my list for the next time I am in France. Then venture over to the south of France and plan on staying in Nice or Antibes and taking the train to Monaco and St. Tropez for day trips.

I had the most incredible time in Paris for the second time with my love, and this time was extra special as I got to introduce him to my Parisian side of my family. Everyone loved each other immensely, which was a big sigh of relief for me!

Hope you liked my guide to Paris. I truly love this city and I want you to know I have you covered with all of these recommendations. Hope I inspired you to plan your next trip to the city or I helped you find a few spots to try out.


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