Journey with Javvy to LA: The Broad Museum

Downtown LA opened its doors on September 20th to its newest building, which happens to be The Broad Museum. This 140 million dollar building exhibits some of the worlds most well-known artists; such as Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein, among many others. Besides the actual art that fills this space, the actual architectural design of this building's interior and exterior is quite artistic and unique. 

My favorite part about the museum has to be the Infinity Room by artist Yayoi Kusama. I took a picture below during my solo experience of this exhibit. This special room allows a certain amount of reservations each day, and that is because each person signed up gets to visit the exhibit by themselves for 45 seconds. It essentially is this mystical experience filled with mirrors and lights. You truly feel as if you are in another world. I highly suggest if you plan to go to the museum, that you secure reservations for this specific exhibit.

I do love mixing a little fashion and art, so my favorite thing to do is match what I am wearing with a piece of art. You can see that I did that in the pics below. Pictured here I am wearing a pink turtleneck dress and white jelly sandals. Shop this look at the bottom of the post! 

PS if you want to grab a bite, stop by Kazunori for some amazing sushi afterwards. The best hand rolls in downtown LA!


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