Journey with Javvy: Paris - the Eiffel Tower

First off, I have absolutely missed writing posts this month, but I needed the time to immerse myself in each city I was visiting in Europe so that I could come back and provide you all the dish on where to eat, shop, play and sleep!

First stop, was the motherland of fashion..Paris. Paris was as everyone had described it; beautiful, incredible, magical blah blah blah, yes it was all those things, but Paris during fashion month was absolutely SPECTACULAR. I had an opportunity to see this city at the start of fashion month (September, of course), and towards the end during the infamous Paris Fashion Week (#PFW). This experience was complete high-fashion overload and food and dessert overconsumption. Let’s just say I got to see Paris as a tourist and as a local thanks to having cousins living in the city, so I have some fantastic recommendations for you that I will pass along in my #journeywithjavvy Europe series posts throughout this month!

There truly are so many places to see in Paris, but I plan on telling you about some of my most favorite places I had an opportunity to see, and my recommendations may take you down memory lane and make you want to hop on a flight and head there tomorrow. I promise, I would be your biggest advocate and may even want to join you!

For this first #journeywithjavvy to Europe post I am going to focus on none other than the most recognized monument in the world..the Eiffel Tower. This beauty is just breathtaking. If you are like me and it was your first time visiting the city, you will practically cry when you see this. I had spent years dreaming of seeing this beautiful tower. I have connected this tower to fashion, love and freedom and to have this very tower right before my eyes was truly a dream come true. Every day on this trip with my PIC (boyfriend/partner in crime) and I would walk by the tower or go have a picnic at Champs de Mars, which happens to be the largest open green space in Paris (park open day and night). Stop by a local boulangerie and patisserie (bread and dessert shop) and pick up some sandwiches, spreads, croissants and some vino. I recommend Sicard (on Rue Suffren, Paris, France). Sicard is close by the tower so you won’t have to walk far!

Fashion wise, if you are going to the Eiffel tower, spend one day looking as fab as you possibly can and take pictures, but all other times make sure you are wearing flats or sneakers because the area around the park is not friendly to walk in heels! For my fab day at the Eiffel tower, I had to wear a statement piece I would always remember, and for this I wore a long black fancy skirt I got from one of my favorite boutiques in San Francisco (can buy online or when they open their LA store soon!). The rest of my outfit details you can see below the pics! Next stop? The Louvre or Sacre Coeur? It is a surprise!