Journey with Javvy to Paradise: Nassau, Bahamas

I am so thrilled I get to finally share photos from my incredible trip to Nassau, Bahamas. This particular trip has left a wonderful footprint on my heart because I got to go with my partner in crime, who happened to be the one capturing these cool snaps throughout the trip. The crisp, clear waters intermixed with the right amount of island heat ensured this trip to be a golden time which ended up leaving me with a golden glow.

The Bahamas has certain spots that are very touristy (almost like Disneyland!), but then there are spots known to the locals that keep that island-living vibe alive there. You will find rum shacks on the side of the road that have fruit infused rum that will absolutely get you hammered-bajamerred, a cigar bar located at the most intricately beautiful Greycliff hotel, and then the main attraction there would be the Atlantis resort. Atlantis is an entertainment epicenter for all ages. There is a laze river you can float on, there are endless aquariums to entertain the aquatically curious mind, you can go snorkeling with the fishes and sharks, play in a floatable playground, gamble at the Casino and go to the nightclub at night. Did I mention you can swim with and kiss a dolphin? Who doesn't want to kiss flipper? If you ever want to send your client on a getaway or plan a destination conference, I HIGHLY suggest this hotel.

Let's talk a little more about the Greycliff hotel as this place is a hidden oasis in the Bahamas. In my eyes, it is a 5-star resort. The grounds are so green and peaceful. They are filled with quiet areas to balance your chi, statues, the most beautiful pool I have ever seen (see pics below), fountains and a koi pond with a friendly little turtle that swims through it. Inside of the hotel is this cigar bar that takes you back to the Gatsby era. Think antiques meets rustic with a killer piano to add some flair to it. I also HIGHLY suggest this spot if you want to go somewhere to balance your chi or as a romantic getaway. The grounds remind me of the Parker hotel in Palm Springs, but just on an island!

Fashion wise, you will want to wear loose clothes that do not stick to you. I have a love for floral prints so I wore that mostly to mesh with my island vibes! Check out the pics below!



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