Fashion Show: Chanel Haute Couture in Paris

The one show every woman, gay or straight man and even poodles wish to attend happened yesterday in Paris. If you do not know which show I am referring to, then let me enlighten you, it was the Chanel Haute Couture show. This show was EVERYTHING. It truly brought on some serious nostalgia of Depeche Mode from the 80s with a Marie Antoinette twist. Bet you did not think that was possible, but Karl Lagerfeld did just that and did it flawlessly.

Spiky follicle accents added a jauntiness to the architectural whites and the ubiquitous 80s messenger bag was truly an intrinsically piece of artwork. Another thing that was from the 80s were the cycling shorts, and no I am not referring to spandex shorts. This is Chanel. Tweed or nothing! These tweed beauties snuck a quick peek underneath beautiful fitted-yet-flared tweed coats. To add to the sparkle of the show, some of these coats were actually sparkly!

After moving away from the 80s, it was back to our beloved Marie Antoinette. This part of the show presented full skirts made of heavy fabrics that were either knee length or ballerina like and were paired with an unusual thing on the catwalk..flip-flops.

The main colors of the show were black, grey and white and a hint of red. All which happen to be my go to colors so if you could just imagine, I was in heaven viewing these clothes! Another thing we have not seen couturiers in Pahree do on the runway is daywear. It is almost like daywear died in Paris and couture meant nightwear. Lagerfeld decided to stray away from the norm and presented one of the most elegant yet pared-back shows in the history of Chanel collections. Bravo Mr. Lagerfeld, I salute you.

Please see the gallery below captured by the TelegraphUK!