Bubble Gum Business Chic

So I had to do it. There is this must-see wall on Melrose that every single photographer loves to shoot in front of. This pink bumble gum colored wall happens to be the wall outside of the Paul Smith store. As you can see here, I absolutely LOVE to blend my outfits with my backgrounds (see here, here, here and here too) and since I have an IMMENSE love for art, you will see me do that at some museums soon! I cannot wait to share those snaps with you from around LA. To expand on that, I am looking forward to also sharing some of these museum meets high-fashion pics from my latest trip at the Bahamas and my upcoming trip to Europe where I will be checking out plenty of museums and monuments. 

In my outfit here you can see I mixed a dainty floral peplum top with an edgy faux leather pant. I think this style totally depicts my personality. My friends all say I am a mix of Charlotte and Carrie and I tend to translate that energy into my style. It works great in the office as it adds some flair to a normally boring business outfit, and it adds sexiness to a more risque outfit I would rock on the weekends. If you think you are a mix of those two, I challenge you to channel your inner Charlotte and Carrie into your clothing. You may just have some fun with it!



Photographer: Priscilla Santiago