The Holy Grail of Beauty Products

I know the majority of my posts are about style, but once in awhile I bring on some of my celebrity beauty expert gal pals to dish about the latest beauty trends. Lucky for us, I had an opportunity to have dinner with them this week and we all shared our absolute must haves in the beauty department. With that being said, I have them all listed below for you!

I know at times we think make-up and lotions are an afterthought as we rather spend our money on a new Mansur Gavriel bag, but let me be the first to tell you, your skin is everything! Your skin is what people pay most attention to. Your skin should be protected and covered with the right ingredients.  First invest in your skin by buying a quality sunscreen and daily lotion (like the ones listed below), and then go buy that magnificent Mansur...that is..if your name was on the wait-list for it and it is finally available! #inlovewithmansurproblems

Have a great Thursday loves!