It's My Birthday!

Each year we have different things we are able to look forward to. For some, they may say it is Christmas, NYE, Valentine's Day (puke), or their Anniversary. For me, it is my birthday. Not because it is a day just dedicated to me (ok secretly this might be it), but I honestly view it as an excuse to see the people closest to me. I have a great group of friends who are all very invested in their careers and families, which also means, less playtime with our pals. The one event we all never try to miss are birthdays. We may miss wine nights and brunch dates, but we ensure we are there at birthdays. With that being said, I also like to throw one heck of a party (or parties).

Another reason why I love birthdays is because I believe this is the best time to re-evaluate my NYE resolutions and to see where I am netting! This year I wanted to work on a few things and I am wanting to share them with you. Getting all personal and fuzzy wuzzy here, so enjoy :)

1. Go to Yoga more

2. Spend more time with my parents

3. Travel to Paris (Crossing my fingers it is happening in a few months)

4. Switch teams at work (Done and I am so happy! Best change I have made all year!)

5. Eat clean 5/7 days of the week (Depends if kit kats are close-by)

6. Post blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday and add a few extra posts if I have time (So far so good!)

7. Be a better human overall

8. Look into ways to start my charity

9. Get more organized

10. Read the book "no excuses" that my best guy friend has been pushing me to read for a year now. It essentially gives you advice on how to attain everything you want in life. (Whoops..I have no excuses not to read it). 

Now let's talk fashion:

What am I wearing? Only the cutest outfit that every birthday princess should be wearing! This blush-colored Space 46 Boutique is an absolute must-have tulle skirt. You may have seen me post another skirt by this company, and that is because I am absolutely obsessed with how beautiful these skirts are. I paired this beauty with a blush-hued top I got from Zara, a neutral colored Chanel bag, red statement Prada pumps, Elise M Collection jewelry and red lipstick. I feel so lady-like and dainty in this outfit! I am considering taking this whole outfit with me to Paris in a couple of months! 

I hope you enjoyed me sharing my personal goals I hope to achieve this next year. Wish me luck!


Photographer: Samuel Pick @sdrpick