Male Style Mondays: Spring 2014 Trends to Take You Through the Summer

There are certain things in this world that give me that fuzzy wuzzy rarrr feeling (yes, I said rarrr with two additional r's) and first on that list is chocolate, and lots of it. Second on this imaginary list is a well-dressed man. In fact, why don't I combine both of them and I will have quite the epic combo! Now that is brilliant! Okay, in retrospect, a well-dressed man may take the cake here. Let's be honest..nothing is sexier than a man who knows what type of clothes fit his body well and also keeps up with the latest trends.

When I see this typically non-existent well dressed man (unless I am in NYC where all handsome/stylish/perfect men seem to derive from), I immediately want to know more about this enigma of a human being. Since I am quite the Nancy Drew, I ask questions to figure out how they are so on point style wise. Essentially, I am trying to depict whether they are about to be my gubby (gay hubby/bestie) or my FBD (future baby daddy). I also follow up those "identity" questions with a string of questions to figure out if they are truly on track to be my FBD. Once that is determined, I may ask questions about what their passions are in life or even ask them what their name is (I wish I was kidding). So basically what I am hoping to relay to my guy friends out there. Dress better, you will catch some positive attention from the ladies (aka FBD hunters).

A man who truly understands style is Jim Moore. Moore is the creative director at GQ mag and man does this man know mens style. I absolutely love his fashion sense and appreciate how he has built the GQ empire with his expertise on the subject. Moore recently shared his 2014 Spring report on men's style. I studied all of his picks and decided to pick my absolute favorites that are most fitting for a corporate man. I also picked some similar items for you to shop from if you are wanting to steal any of the looks displayed here. 

Hope you enjoy the blue on blue, plaids and sweaters.


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