How to Wear A Crop Top at the Office: Monaco Style

I have this little obsession with a store that I call my secret corporate club shop. I have purchased last minute outfits needed for presentations and last minute suits needed for an interview. This store I am referencing to us Club Monaco. You honestly cannot walk into that store and not walk out with at least one staple item. Their clothes are so simple, yet chic. They also are not overly expensive. Don't get me wrong, they are not at Zara prices, but their clothes are worth the extra dime since they are made well and fit extremely well! In my latest Club Monaco spree, I picked up this beautiful white skirt with black piping and a few other items I will later post about!

Since adding in metallic accessories are in this Spring, I opted to add in that metallic flair with this incredible Kuu Collections tote bag. I stumbled upon Kuu Collections by accident and I was so impressed by their bags. The owners of this collection are LA based, ivy league and art school educated, ridiculously talented and beyond sweet. I met with them not so long ago to talk about the story behind their bags.  I love the fact that two strangers that met randomly at a party decided to join forces and develop these high-quality leather bags. Since I am a big advocate for Angeleno designers, I naturally became friends with the lovely founders, Izzy and Emma, and will now be a forever supporter of their line! You may have seen me post their pink bucket bag on my @savvyjavvy instagram page a ton of times. I have separation issues with it when I don't take it out with me apparently! 

The rest of my outfit was tied in with a crop top (sorry I am not sorry), black blazer (to cover up the fact that I am wearing a crop top at the office!) and black gladiator heels. Black on white on metallic? Not too shabby of a mix if you ask me! 

I pulled the direct links to get what I am wearing here in this outfit! Check them out below the photos!


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