Journey with Javvy: Parker Palm Springs

Happy Tuesday everybody. Today is bitter sweet for me as it is my first day back at work from Memorial Day Weekend, but I am also feeling rather revived after spending my holiday time at Le Parker Méridien Palm Springs, aka the Parker hotel, aka the heavenly hotel. I have heard ravishing reviews of this place from colleagues and friends, but since I am quite the hotel snob, I was not sure if I wanted to go to Palm Springs to see this Marrakech meets Mad Men hot spot, or if I preferred to just hop on a flight and go to Morocco.  Let me just say, this hotel was everything and let me share a few snidbits as to why it is truly EVERYTHING.

The lobby itself is beautiful. It has the old Palm Springs retro feel to it mixed in with some modern flair. There is a sign in the lobby that clearly states the word, “DRUGS”, which I found rather hilarious. Their restaurants, Norma and Mr. Parker are both delightful. Norma has a beautiful outdoor patio, while Mr. Parker is a darker and sexier steakhouse spot. The hotel is a revamp of a Holiday Inn, and trust me, you would never believe it unless someone, like myself, shared that with you. The Parker has a beautiful spa, Psyc, that is available to all guests. The spa fee is included in your resort fee, which I found out to be a lovely little surprise! They have a nice indoor salt water pool, spa treatments that will make you as happy as a clam and the most incredible meditation room. I truly felt as if I was in Morocco. As many of you fellow hard working people know, we all need a break from the grind. This meditation room was what I had sought after and I hope to one day create a similar one in my home.  Oh and there was a mini elephant statue in there, and elephants are my ultimate favorite animal, so I was sold.

Let’s talk about “the grounds” or what I would like to call, the compound. That sounds more Hamptons and I like the Hamptons, so I am sorry I am not really sorry.  This outdoor secret garden feels like a maze that opens doors to the most incredible things. Turn one corner and you have hammocks in a shaded palm tree covered spot, turn one corner and you have a fire pit with white retro chairs that you can escape to at night and enjoy some schmores, turn another corner and you run into Gene Autry’s house, turn another corner and you run into the bar and adult pool filled with babes, turn another corner and you find these beautiful wooden doors that lead you to a huge field of clean cut grass. Let me just say, this hotel is just plain sexy. I wanted to run around this maze of a compound with a handsome lad, but experiencing this with my girlfriends was just as incredible.

What to pack? Sun dresses, floral print anything, shorts, a big floppy hat, wedges and flip flops. Guys, just bring a button up, a short sleeved button up, a few t-shirts and some j-crew shorts.

All in all, the true question is, would I return to this hotel? The answer is an absolute yes. If you need an escape from the workflow, then I highly suggest this spot to you.


The lobby at the Parker Hotel Palm Springs

Firepit at the Parker Hotel Palm Springs

Hotel room at the Parker Hotel Palm Springs

The indoor bar at the Parker Hotel Palm Springs

The grounds at the Parker Hotel Palm Springs