Business Trip to a Sunny Location

The sun is shining, the weather is incredible and somehow we are all stuck in the office? Not ideal, but let’s not forget this little thing we call work funds our lives! This job of ours pays for that vacation to St. Barths or Lake Como that is planned for later this year, so we all need to shush! In my case, this job pays for the Celine I want to buy myself for my birthday next month!

Since going on vacation has been on my mind lately, I was in the mood to share an outfit I would wear on business trip to a sunny location. When I travel for work to a sunny location, I find it so difficult to pack suits when I rather be wearing sun dresses. To air on the side of appropriate wear, I choose loosely fitted blouses and light colored jeans. The only problem I have with blouses and moving around a ton while traveling is that when you bend over, your panties may show above your jeans, and puke that is déclassé!

In order to remain a proper lady, I went on a hunt and searched online to see if this was also a problem for other woman. Good news, it actually is and there is a resolution for this issue. Bradamant body suits! I honestly will not travel for work without one of their blouses. Essentially, their tops are bodysuits..aka an adult leotard! This is what I call brilliant! Since I grew up being a gymnast, I am a huge fan of leotard-esque tops! Just in case you were wondering..there are clips where our cookies are downstairs so if you have to use the ladies room, you won’t have a problem! Sorry, I had to disclose this great part! I spoke to the Bradamant team and they want to give Savvy Javvy readers exclusive access to their Style Guide and a discount on your purchase! Just click here to join their VIP list.  

I paired my new navy Bradamant top with light colored jeans I snagged at Zara, a Salvatore Ferragamo belt, Michael Kors gladiator pumps and this seasons it bag, the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. This bag has a waitlist to get it and it is so worth the wait. Get your name on that list, I promise that you will not be disappointed!

Have a wonderful Tuesday loves!


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Photographer: Priscila Santiago