Dressing Up Jeans at Work: Thursday Edition

No client meetings on Thursday means it is going to be a splendid day and night of rocking jeans! I personally think people who dress up jeans sometimes end up looking better than 80% of the people who show up to work in oversized suits, un-dry cleaned shirts or bell bottomed trousers (puke). So how can you dress up jeans the right way? It is all about what top you pair it with and what type of shoes.

Since I tend to love edgier shoes at the office, I toned things down up top with a muted blouse paired with a Burberry check scarf. Now that we are on the topic of Burberry, let me begin to explain my two cents on their checked pieces. I am a huge Burberry fan, but personally, I do not wear shirts/pants/coats/bags that have the check print all over it. I love name brands, but I try not be a walking billboard for a brand. I know you may love the check, but try opting for one of their polos that have check accents rather than an item with check galore all over it. It is my personal opinion, no need to take it seriously! I just get annoyed when I see people wear it in the workplace. I just want to say, ok we get it, you're rich and can afford $300 work shirts. Personally, I would like to ask them why they are working so hard at work if they are ballin already? ;)

Hope you enjoyed my prepping for Friday rant! Have a great day loves!



Photographer: Scott Leon