Coachella Beauty and Make Up Survival Tips from Celebrity Beauty Specialist Carissa Ferreri

Carissa on set!

Whether you're hitting this weekends Coachella festival for the music or the trendy pool parties, you're going to want to look your best! Keep in mind however, that the sweltering desert conditions can wreak havoc on your skin and make you really pose the question, fashion or function? Here's a little advice on how to incorporate both!

Skin: The bohemian look is really cute. The lobster/leather skin is not.  Coola sunscreen is beyond my favorite to protect your skin from the suns dangerous rays. Coola's consistency is nothing like the white pigmented greasy stuff that we are used to. It feels like your favorite light weight moisturizer. It's also 70-97% certified organic ingredients, paraben free, and cruelty free.  The scents are refreshing and not at all over powering. This product is a must!

Eyes: Makeup should be pretty minimal. There's nothing like sweat streaks showcasing how much powder and blush you're wearing. Coachella is a place to be seen however, so show off a little bit of fun and pop of color with Lime Crime's smudge proof liquid eyeliner. My go-to shades for the festival are Orchidaceous (a bright purple), Citreuse (a neon lime-green), and Lazuli (the perfect cobalt blue).

Lips: As the desert sun sets and Arcade Fire takes the stage on night three, things can start feeling pretty romantic. A weekend surrounded by hot (both literally and figuratively) babes and some lip smacking might just ensue between you and a certain someone (that totally resembles Julian Casablancas). Burned, chapped lips would be so embarrassing and would really crush your nostalgic story. Make sure you reach for Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 which comes in an array of tints to add a little sheer color to your pout. Music brings people together. But Fresh Sugar Lip treatment will probably keep you together!




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