Taking Things Step by Step in Barbara Bui

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with the people I love and I made an extra effort to go to yoga every day. I attended a close friends birthday, had a dance party with my besties and spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with my family having a picnic. It was the perfect weekend I needed after a busy week at work!

During my zen moments in yoga and at the park, I realized I need to take life step by step and be grateful for each and every one of those steps. So I challenge you to do the same this week. As things get stressful at work, just take a moment to realize that this is just a step you need to get over to get on to the next and not to spend too much time on it.  

Enough with the philosophical talk, let's talk about what makes our hearts skip a beat...street style. Depending on the day, I will at times dress dainty or I will dress edgy. In order to mix both of those worlds, I gravitate towards styling an outfit that I would like to call "edgy chic". With my look featured here, I used this killer black and white color combo and added in grey accents with my socks and the studs on my leather gloves. The edge to my chic in this outfit definitely came from my pointed wedge Barbara Bui booties. This outfit is perfect for any day at the office, but if you want to have a "not so casual Friday" look, then this is your go-to look.

I picked out some items below for you to get a similar look!

Hope you enjoy them! xo


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Coat: H&M (similar here)

Dress: Zara (similar here)

Shoes: Barbara Bui (similar here)

Socks: H&M

Bag: Michael Kors (similar here)

Gloves: Kenneth Cole (similar here)

Photographer: AJ Canaria @ajcan

Location: DTLA