Be A Bad Bish and Wear a Leather Dress to the Office!

Calling all daring women in the corporate world! This post is dedicated to you and to my fellow dog lovers! My favorite question I get asked is if leather can be worn to the office. I most certainly think if it is worn tastefully, then I am in full support of it. I am even more in full support if you find a similar dress that is faux leather. It will be easier on your budget as leather can be quite on the pricier end of the spectrum. If you still feel uneasy about incorporating leather, try wearing a blouse that has leather piping or leather collars. Also, I have a great pair of trousers by INC that I picked up that has leather around the waistband. It is very chic and people always think I spent a fortune on them (only $90 at Macys!).

In my outfit here I am wearing a leather dress, a houndstooth coat my brother bought for me years ago that I absolutely love, my infamous Saint Laurent sexy black pumps, and tied this all together with a Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote bag (also worn here). The great thing about this leather dress is if you lose the coat it can be a perfect outfit to wear on a date, on a girls night or just after work happy hour. The length is appropriate enough to wear to work and the bare shoulders are sexy enough to bring out after hours! I did pull the links for you to shop this look and I even found some more affordable alternatives as well!

I wanted to end this post with a quote my first mentor told me when I was working in sports marketing and it has totally stuck with me throughout the years. She said: "You have to have a little bit of bit#% in you to make it in this industry", and let me tell you, she was absolutely right. I used to have a problem where I was always "too nice" and unfortunately, if you want to survive in this corporate world, you better have your shield up and be ready to go to war. It is not pretty, but work hard, stay honest, don't step on people that help you (it is bad karma) and don't forget that the quote says have a little bit of bit#%! Don't go being a full blown mean person out there, then you will be like the rest of the monsters out there! 

Have a great week at work loves!


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Dress: Zara (similar here on sale!)

Coat: Bebe (similar here on sale!)

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (get it here)

Jewelry: Michael Kors Watch (get it here)

Sunglasses: Chanel (similar look and more affordable here)

Shoes: Saint Laurent (get it here)

Photographer: Scott Leon

Location: Santa Monica, CA