Day to Night: How to Sport Crop Tops at the Office

You probably looked at this headline and thought I was kidding or crazy! The real question here is if crop tops are appropriate at work? My answer is an absolute YES. Granted, if you think I mean you can show some belly, then let me rephrase my answer to "depends". I may be daring in the workplace with my attire, but it is all done strategically. I will never be an advocate for showing too much skin in the day time at work or wearing things that are so tight I can barely breathe, but I will always try to shake things up a bit. Fashion can be fun at work, and that is why I am here to show you some ways to get out of your boring black pantsuit routine.

Depending on where you work, this outfit may or may not be able to work for you. For me, I work in advertising, so I can get away with the number I am sporting. I do not advise this look if you are a phsyician or attorney or anything in that realm. Stick with the looks under my Meeting Attire and Interview Attire sections on the blog.

Back to my favorite clothing item that I absolutely cannot live without. CROP TOPS! I do not think there is a night that I go out with friends that I am not wearing a crop top. I only pair crop tops with high-waisted skirts and pants, so not to worry that I walk around with low-rise bottoms with my whole stomach out. Eww! I don't care how skinny you are or how ripped your abs are, save the belly flash for when you are in a bikini. Too much skin is awkward if you are a classy lady. If you are not going for that classy look, then go on with your bad self!

Crop tops in the workplace is a touchy subject for most, but I own so many of them I had to find a way to wear them at work. I can't let those cuties go to waste! They are the perfect item to turn any outfit from a day to night look. The majority of the time when I wear a crop top, I cover it up with a blazer, cardigan, coat or vest (as pictured below). During the day time you can cover up your mid section and at night time you can lose your cloak and let your sexy self come out. My only advice and I beg for you to follow is to ALWAYS pair this crop top with a high-waisted bottom (like I did for this post).

The remaining details of this outfit can be seen below. I also picked out some similar items for you to shop through if you need a little lunchtime shopping break!


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Coat: H&M (get a similar one here)

Crop Top: ASOS (get it here)

Vest: Love Token (get a similar one here)

Pants: H&M (get a similar one for only $8 here or these gems here)

Purse: B. Makowsky (get a similar one here)

Boots: Via Spiga (get a similar one here)

Photographer: Scott Leon

Location: Los Angeles, CA