Diane Von Furstenberg's 'Journey of a Dress'

If you are in Los Angeles and have not checked out the Journey of a Dress exhibition at the Old May building next to LACMA, then my friend, you better step on it and go this weekend! It is the last weekend to attend! So what is this 'Journey of a Dress' I am speaking of? This is a large exhibition displaying the last 40-years of wrap dress variations developed by Diane Von Fursternberg.

Furstenberg's wrap dress has become iconic over the years and has been worn by celebrities, the first lady and the duchess of Cambridge. This very dress has truly made history in the fashion world as it has stayed exactly the same, but has been updated every year with new prints and colors. It is truly remarkable that the same dress has stayed in style the past 40-years.

When you walk into the Old May building you will walk into a pink hall of fame hallway filled with photos of important people in history wearing the wrap dress and will find plenty of vintage photos of Furstenberg. Once you pass the hall of fame, you will go into fashion overload in the best way possible. There is a 200-strong entourage of wrap-dress-clad mannequins wearing all of the different variations of the dress. Also, the walls are painted in loud prints, so they make quite the backdrop for these lovely dresses.

When you think you have seen it all, turn into the art room filled with Andy Warhol's photos of the queen bee of wrap dresses. If you want to continue your art journey, head on over to LACMA and check out the James Turrell light show afterwards. It is so fascinating and it will blow your mind!

I feel pretty fabulous about my day at the museum and I am so grateful for my Gubbies Mike, Beto, Vicente and Nicolas for taking me along with them as their fifth wheel! I couldn't have asked for better dates! 

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