Journey with Javvy to the South of France Part 2: Best Places to go in Cannes and Nice

The best part about the South of France is that people are either there to relax or party so you can just walk around to vibe out the spot you want to hang out at during the day and night. Almost every place you go to is within walking distance so you can hop around from day beds, to restaurants, to bars, and to lounges as much as you please all darn day. Not a bad life?


Feel like lounging in front of the Mediterranean? Make sure you get a lounge chair at The Ruhl Private Beach. It is situated right in front of the Le Meridien Nice.

Shopping in Nice? Go to old town, you will see a ton of mom and pop shops and if you are into vintage designer duds, stop by Caprice Vintage. If you want this season’s high-end designer duds, stick to Avenue Jean Medicin where you will find miss Coco Chanel.

Exploring Nice? Walk up the famous Castle Hill stairs to get the most tremendous view of Nice. No need to pack a lunch, they have a great café there. INSIDER TIP: As mentioned under shopping in Nice, make sure you explore Old Town Nice and grab gelato or lunch there. It is so charming! If you are lucky enough, you may run into the @supercarpups in Nice. They are the most famous pups in the South of France that pose in front of the fanciest cars all throughout the French Riviera. We were lucky enough to grab dinner with Lisa, who is the owner/mum to these cuties!

I covered nighttime restaurants in Nice in this post (click here).



The home of the infamous Cannes Film Festival and yachts like you would never believe. Take the train from Nice to Cannes and have the most tremendous day and night.

Lounging in Cannes? There are tons of places to get a lounge chair at. If you are lucky enough you may be able to swing getting the front row chairs on the beach. The difference between lounging in Cannes and Nice is that Nice has beautiful stones instead of sand which is not always so glamorous and Cannes has soft sand you can dip your toesies in! Try Nikki Beach, Baoli Beach, Carlton Hotel, Hotel Martinez for great tunes and a relax vibe. Make sure you order champagne, because who doesn't want to drink champagne in Cannes? Side note: they do charge for the lounge chairs.

Shopping in Cannes? Explore all of the beachside shops, you will find dozens of high-end and beachy shops to pick up some goodies. Make sure you drop by Ladurée for some macaroons!  

Partying in Cannes? Baoli Baoli Baoli. Grab a dinner reservation there and stay afterwards for the lounge. It has a great outdoor patio that exudes a very sexy vibe. You really will not go wrong there.INSIDER TIP: Hungry after partying? Head over to La Chunga Bar and Restaurant. Extremely rare to have a restaurant open until 5am in Cannes, but this spot was opened up by two of Cannes’ big time nightlife entrepreneurs.


Fashion wise:

Daytime stick to your swimsuit and a cover up. Ladies wear a pretty dress, guys wear a button up with your swim trunks. At night, depending on when you are visiting, wear something chic but don’t look like you are going to an engagement party chic. For dinners I stuck to blazers and sheer blouses and going out I wore a longer fitted dress and no it was not jersey-knit or cotton. Keep that stuff for your trip to California. Trust me!

Hope you enjoy some of my pics below! The pic from Baoli I stole from their website as I did not have an opportunity to take any pics there! Too busy playing!