Journey with Javvy: Le Marais and the Siene River

Probably my favorite relax day in Paris was our all day stroll through Le Marais. To be honest the Marais reminded me of the West Village in NYC but obviously, a bit more architecturally fascinating. Come on, we were in Paris. Everything is better in Paris!

The Marais is filled with a mix of high-end and fast-fashion shopping, restaurants, bars and nightlife. What I loved about it were the crooked medieval lanes that were filled with cool places to eat and drink or even drop into an art museum. I was stopped by an artist while strolling in the area and he asked me to attend his art show, but unfortunately I was flying to Barcelona (not so unfortunate because Barca is amazing) that same day, but I truly was honored he extended an invite my way. I began to feel as if I could get used to this whole Parisian living situation..croissants everyday, high-fashion, handsome men and incredible art. Not so bad!

Insider tip: Le Marais is the closest feeling you will get to pre-revolutionary Paris and it is a very cute area that should be on your must list. Make sure you go through the Bastille area and the Jewish quarter and go get falafels at L'As du Fallafel. Hands down the best falafel I have ever had! Once you are done eating and shopping, hop across the beautiful Siene river and go see Notre Dame. How could you not!? (address: 6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France). Just some history for you, Notre Dame (also known as "Our Lady of Paris") happens to be a historic catholic cathedral that brings millions of tourists each year. When you see this gigantic cathedral you will be in shock and in love all at the same time if you are an architecture junkie as this is a fine example of french-gothic architecture. Go light a candle for a loved one if you happen to arrive before it closes. The naturalism of its stained glass windows and sculptures contrast with earlier Romanesque architecture.

Once it hits nightfall, go for a romantic walk along the Siene River and go see the love lock bridge. Or if you really want to, hop on a boat tour of the Siene. It is SO romantic and worth every penny. 

Enough about architecture and rivers! Let's move on to what to wear for your long day adventure. Try wearing a comfortable sundress and make sure you wrap a sweater around your shoulder or waist as the temperature drops big time in September in Paris at nighttime. 

Hope you enjoyed my Paris travel tips for the Le Marais!


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