It's Always Sunny in California

Welcome to LA. A magical land where in the middle of January you can wear a skirt without pantyhose, thermals, boots, wool socks or whatever magical tricks our friends in NYC use to stay warm. It is in the mid 70’s and most southern Californians are wondering how to dress appropriately. My friends have reached out to me asking me if it is appropriate to wear white, or hot pink or linen pants just because it is warm out. My response is usually a big fat NO. Yes, we are blessed to live in sunny California, but this is not the land down under, Hawaii or St. Tropez. Leave those darn linen blazers at home, and bring them out to play this spring. Capiche?

If you are color obsessed and wish you could wear neons and rainbow colored outfits all the time, then my look below may be right up your alley. If you want to tastefully incorporate colors and whites in the middle of winter, try mixing it with prints or types of materials that are worn in the winter, such as tweed. In my look below I mixed a darker-hued tweed skirt with a white blazer and floral print top. The top I added has a fair mixture of brighter colors and darker colors to work with the navy skirt. The whole goal of this look was to incorporate spring colors as an accent piece rather than a loud and proud main attraction piece.

One thing you will also notice is I chose to pick one shade of color for my shoes, bag and sunglasses. Since I opted to choose different colors for my outfit, I wanted to pick a neutral color to compliment this look. So camel it was, and camel I love!

(I am absolutely ready to take a dive in this spectacular rooftop pool! Sick day anybody?)

The rest of the outfit details can be found below the photos in the “Shop This Post” section!


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Blazer: Asos (get it here)

Blouse: Zara (get similar here)

Skirt: Zara (get similar here)

Shoes: Michael Kors (get similar here and here)

Bag: Zara (get similar and cuter one here)

Sunglasses: Burberry (get it here)

Photographer: AJ Canaria

Locations: Rooftop in downtown Los Angeles, CA (DTLA)