Seasons change, Trends Dissipate, But My Mindset Stays the Same

Seasons are changing, life is progressing and I am anxiously awaiting my annual review from 2013. It happens in a month, and I feel nervous and excited for it. I know in my heart I have grown so much this past year and have taken on a lot more responsibilities. I feel as if my boss has faith in me when she hands me a project to manage and that means a lot to me. I had an opportunity to pitch a pretty “big idea” to our clients, and I am happy that we are now starting with my project in Q2 of this year! If I said 2013 was easy, I would be lying. I had to overcome several hurdles, deal with different personalities I may or may not have meshed with, and had to work through the struggles of being a young woman trying to make it in the industry. I am a pretty easy going and try to always be a kind person, so when someone doesn’t mesh with me, I secretly think they obvi must have issues (haha)!

All in all, last year I learned the importance of work to personal life balance. When things stress me out at work I leave them at my desk and I go off and hit the yoga studio and spend my evenings with my family, friends and this blog that I love so much! If my home life stresses me out, I leave it at the door. Here is a perfect example, my boyfriend and I broke up and my boss had no clue. I did not let it affect my work ethic. When I finally told her a month later, she was appalled first off that I didn’t tell her earlier and was surprised I had the ability to conduct myself professionally through all of that.

Ok, enough personal, off to fashion! Here I am strolling around in a classic yet lady-like outfit. I absolutely love tweed, but can’t yet afford a Chanel tweed coat, so I got this beautiful alternative at Tobi. What is so cool about this tweed number is that it has spikes on it! Spikes at work? Yup, you can rock them tastefully! A brand that I enjoy for work wear is W118 Walter Baker. You can get his stuff at Macy’s, and knowing Macy’s, they are always having a sale! I wore a basic camisole underneath so If I have to go to happy hour after work I can just ditch the tweed blazer and amp up the sexy with my bare shoulders. My two pricier items that I cannot live without these days are my Chanel bag, which is the best color because it goes with EVERYTHING and my Valentino Rockstud pumps. I swear, these pumps have been in every fashionista’s closet lately. I have seen them on celebs, bloggers and models. So trust me, when I wear these comfortable beauties, I feel my little fashion-lover heart smile!

I pulled a few of these items and alternatives specially for you to shop through below!

Enjoy and thanks for your love always xoxo

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Blazer: Tobi (This site is members only so use this personal invite here. 50% off your first purchase, just connect to it through your FB login! I buy so many of my basics from here! Or another alternative coat here)

Top: (get this here)

Skirt: W118 Walter Baker (get an alternative options here, here and here)

Shoes: Valentino (Get these beauties here)

Bag: Chanel (Similar vintage here. The one I am wearing is brand new and available to purchase in Chanel stores.)

Photographer: AJ Canaria

Location: Corporate Office