Be Bad. Wear Plaid.

I was on the hunt for a perfect interview outfit and I when my eyes caught with this plaid number, it was love at first sight. I am pretty excited to announce that I have 3 interviews lined up today about the Savvy Javvy blog! Being referred to as the go-to-woman for corporate fashion just made my jaw drop and I broke into tears of joy. Little did I know a passion project I have begun is truly of interest to the working women out there. Ok, I know I am blabbing about my excitement, but I truly am honored and overjoyed!

Now back to why this suit had me at hello..first off it fits perfectly and the greatest part about it is that it can be worn separately to make two totally different looks out of it! So my friends, I call this suit a steal and a must have! I nabbed this set at Zara, and as mentioned in my earlier post..EVERYTHING is on sale there right now, so I highly suggest for you to stock up on work clothes ASAP. If you are not the hitting the mall type and hate dealing with the masses then just visit their website and you can shop from the comfort of your office or couch. Side note, if you are shopping at work, make sure it is during your lunch break. Remember ladies, perception is key in the corporate environment and shopping on the job is not necessarily a respectable thing to do.

I brightened up the outfit with my red pumps and my lady in red, aka my Chanel honey boo berry lover. She is a beauty with her silver accents, right? For the sake of my love for jewelry, I added in my silver Luv AJ sharktooth rings and Chanel charm necklace to complete my mix of affordable and couture pieces.

Now my ultimate question is...did you notice I am wearing the same top (leotard) twice in a week? Probably not, which is why I said on Tuesday's post that this is a staple piece. You will thank me every time you wear this leotard after you get it. Especially for how affordable it is!

I hope you enjoy this plaid ensemble I put together! The outfit links are below!


Blazer: Zara (similar here)

Trousers: Zara (similar here)

Top: Tobi (cross over leotard available on their site, but it is members only so use this personal invite here. 50% off your first purchase! I buy so many of my basics from here!)

Shoes: Prada (get it here)

Purse: Chanel (similar vintage here)

Jewerly: Chanel charm necklace (another vintage one here) and Luv AJ rings (here and here)

Photographer: Priscila Santiago

Location: Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA