What to Wear to Your Company's Holiday Party

The struggle of finding the perfect outfit for your company's holiday party can be quite the roller coaster. In your head you are probably thinking you want to look a) cute b) professional c) unique d) hott enough to get noticed by the cute guy you are too shy to talk to (maybe champagne at the party may help!) e) wear something comfortable enough to intake the steak and lobster they are spoiling you with. Now this is too much for you to stress your pretty little mind with, so let me help you with these seven Do's and Don'ts at company parties. I also have an outfit inspo collage below!

1) DONT LOOK LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE AND WEAR GREEN, RED and SILVER. Pick a color like burgundy, or bone and accessorize it with gold jewerly. 

2) DONT WEAR REINDEER EARS. Yes you look adorable, but a fearless leader at a company should still fear looking unprofessional in front of upper management

3) DO thank your boss and compliment them on the year you two have had.

4) DO not wear fur. It is too controversial at work. When alcohol is involved, people may say things to you or even go PETA on your $1000 coat. 

5) DO prep five talking points just in case the president of your company invites you to sit at his table (this happened to me last year. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE!)

6) DONT get drunk. Perception is important in the corporate world. Who knows, the one person who may be judging you at the party may be your boss one day. The corporate world is unpredictable! 

7) DO thank the meeting organizer for putting this together. They probably worked ten times longer putting this whole event together for your company than the amount of hours you were at the event

Holiday guide.png
Posted on December 10, 2013 .