New Year Business Resolutions

The New Year has either arrived for you, it is happening right now, or for my friends on the west coast, it is happening in 12 hours. The new year is a wonderful time to reflect on not just the past year, but to plan for the coming 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes and 31,536,000 seconds that are ahead. To be successful in life, you must practice forward thinking rather than looking back and focusing on the negative. 

In my corporate life this past year I went through many ups and downs. I even considered a change in my position at my company. If it were not for "forward thinking", I would have made a decision months ago that I would now regret. I was feeling unfulfilled and felt as if my hard work was going unnoticed. As much as I thought changing up my situation would help, I instead focused on my future at this company and pushed myself on overdrive. It did not go unnoticed either. I received praise from my superiors and was even awarded an Award of Excellence by one of the directors. This award meant so much to me this year. It was an honor receiving it from this individual as I have always looked up to her as a strategic mastermind at our company, and it also helped in my confidence to keep working hard. 

As my gift to my loyal followers, I wanted to provide you some tips on healthy habits to bring in to this new year, share a special quote I kept next to my computer at work that helped me through the rough times and of course share some outfit inspiration for a soiree you may be attending soon! 

Healthy Habits to start the New Year:

1) Buy a notebook to jot down your goals. Buy golden stickers and place them in your book on days you have accomplished these particular goals. It is important to reward yourself. (I like golden stickers)

2) Donate your clothes you dont need or have not worn in the past year. If you did not utilize it during this time then set them free. When it comes to clothes, you do not want to crowd your closet with garbage. The more that is in there, the more you will be stressed when figuring out what to wear to work that day.

3) Try setting aside your outfit the night before you go into work. This will allow you to focus on other important things to get your day started or even give you time to do a few stretches each morning. (Great for your body!)

4) Dont waste your money eating out at a lunch. Sometimes when I want to splurge on a new purse or any item, I force myself to pack a lunch 3-4 times a week that month(s). Surprisingly you will end up with a lot of extra money each month if you continue packing a healthy lunch. Then you can buy that special item you have been saving for! Sounds very "small", but trust me this works! We waste so much money on fast eats and the majority of the time they are not healthy and they are overpriced!

5) Consider signing up for different snack programs that deliver snacks to your work. One of my favorites is Graze box. Check them out here.

6) Buy yourself a "just because it is new years" outfit. This is a nice tradition my family started with me at a young age, and I have now continued it. It feels nice having something new to look forward to. Also, whenever you wear this outfit, it will be a nice reminder of your goals you set that you may have forgotten about!

7) Spend your bonus and gift cards received during the Holidays wisely. Consider investing part of that money. Who knows, instead of splurging on a pair of loubs now, you may be able to buy two if your investment pays out. INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE! 

8) Set up YOU time. Whether that be time at the gym/yoga, read a book or even catch up on current events. Personally, I love Time Magazine. Also, YOU time does not have to be alone. Sometimes feeding your happy soul is to be around the ones you love. So do not forget to keep in touch with your family and friends. Set up happy hour dates with your girls, dinner with coworkers or even plan a party! 

Now my special quote I lived by this year: "Focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out, take another shot."

Wishing you all a successful and lovely new year! I hope you all get a special kiss, and if you dont, then hugs and kisses from me to you!




Dress: Zara

Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent (can be purchased under Shop Savvy)

Jewelry: Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses: Chanel

Location: Palos Verdes Estates, Ca

Photographer: AJ Canaria