How to Survive Review Season

Nothing is more stressful than review season in the corporate world. It happens every year at the same time right before the holidays. You have to document all of the incredible things you have done for the company in the past year while also trying to stay humble. Not a simple feat if you ask me. Especially if you think you are the and your boss may beg to differ.

Once your review is submitted you feel as if your bosses are scrutinizing your every move and you are concerned about making one mistake now that can make or break your bosses decision to promote you or not. The thing that irks most of us the most is if you do make that one flub up, you are concerned your boss may easily forget how you landed a huge win for the company nine months ago or all of the million miscellaneous things you do on the daily to prove your passion for your work.  Oh and did I mention this "review session" is also occurring during the holidays? AKA the "F Season"..Family, fortunes (gifts!) or failures (depending if you got that bonus and promotion). 

Now before you get too stressed out, I wrote down some pointers that may be helpful in ensuring you get that year end bonus you have been busting your tail end for all year. 

1) Be humble. As amazing as you are, your boss will confuse your uber confidence in your skills with cockiness. 

2) If you are working at 110% you better be working at 125% this month. Every percent counts!

3) Mistakes happen, but try to avoid them this month. Even if you kicked butt all year, your bosses will tend to only look at what you have been up to this past month. They have enough they have been worrying about all year, and unfortunately that fire you put out in January is easily forgotten when you screw up in December. Sorry...I know this sucks but it happens more than often.

4) Dress professionally every day. More than you already do. STEP IT UP fashionista!

5) Be on time to every meeting

6) Try not to have sick days unless absolutely necessary. So don't just use up your sick days because you were partying too hard the night before.

7) Dont take too many days off around the holidays. It is a busy time trying you close out the year. Provide your boss with the extra support. This does not apply to people who have family far away. Ignore this one and go visit your family and loved ones.

8) Compliment your boss on their hard work. It goes both ways. I am sure they would like to hear how much you appreciate them setting you up for success (and if they suck, still find a way to compliment them. They help you pay your rent!)

9) You may have finished your review, but start taking notes yourself on things you want to work on for 2014

10) When you meet your boss for your review, be prepared to hear positive and negative feedback. Also share some of the things you would like to work on that your boss may have not planned for you. They will be impressed you are so focused on self improvement!

Good luck and get those promotions!

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Posted on November 14, 2013 .