The infamous first NYFW

My trip to NYC for the Mercedes Benz fashion week this year was filled with everything a foodie/life-lover/fashionista would have ever desired. My first day there I was able to have a solo trek through the city doing exactly what I love; a solo picnic in Madison Square park, a stroll down Madison Avenue to some of my favorite stores, stopping by Ladurée for some macaroons, having an EXTRA chocolatey truffle at the Lindt store (my favorite chocolates) and of course meeting up with my gal pals for dinner at Eataly. Perfecto!

I discovered that a solo day in the city allows you to have time to reflect on your inner thoughts you tend to drown out when you are busy working away. I was able to finally see clearly, and I envisioned exactly what I wanted to do with life. Strange right? Not to get all sappy, but it was a life changing experience for me on this day. It was the day I decided to finally begin my fashion blog strictly focusing on corporate fashion. I couldn't have found a better niche as I am a busy corporate girl that likes to make sure I am dressed to the nines for any client meeting.  

Once I figured out that I wanted to begin this passion project I made sure to attain any additional inspiration while attending the different shows and events during fashion week. The rest of my trip was filled with cocktail parties, far too many late nights at        1-Oak, pizza at all hours of the day and trying not to hit the snooze button in the morning. There was no way I was going to let a late night of food and drinks get in the way of us girls waking up early the next morning to catch the next show. I kept this what it must be like for the NYC fashionista on the daily but just amplified because it was fashion week? If so then sign me up! 

Below are some of the photos I captured during my adventure at NYFW..