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Journey with Javvy: Le Marais and the Siene River

Probably my favorite relax day in Paris was our all day stroll through Le Marais. To be honest the Marais reminded me of the West Village in NYC but obviously, a bit more architecturally fascinating. Come on, we were in Paris. Everything is better in Paris!

The Marais is filled with a mix of high-end and fast-fashion shopping, restaurants, bars and nightlife. What I loved about it were the crooked medieval lanes that were filled with cool places to eat and drink or even drop into an art museum. I was stopped by an artist while strolling in the area and he asked me to attend his art show, but unfortunately I was flying to Barcelona (not so unfortunate because Barca is amazing) that same day, but I truly was honored he extended an invite my way. I began to feel as if I could get used to this whole Parisian living situation..croissants everyday, high-fashion, handsome men and incredible art. Not so bad!

Insider tip: Le Marais is the closest feeling you will get to pre-revolutionary Paris and it is a very cute area that should be on your must list. Make sure you go through the Bastille area and the Jewish quarter and go get falafels at L'As du Fallafel. Hands down the best falafel I have ever had! Once you are done eating and shopping, hop across the beautiful Siene river and go see Notre Dame. How could you not!? (address: 6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France). Just some history for you, Notre Dame (also known as "Our Lady of Paris") happens to be a historic catholic cathedral that brings millions of tourists each year. When you see this gigantic cathedral you will be in shock and in love all at the same time if you are an architecture junkie as this is a fine example of french-gothic architecture. Go light a candle for a loved one if you happen to arrive before it closes. The naturalism of its stained glass windows and sculptures contrast with earlier Romanesque architecture.

Once it hits nightfall, go for a romantic walk along the Siene River and go see the love lock bridge. Or if you really want to, hop on a boat tour of the Siene. It is SO romantic and worth every penny. 

Enough about architecture and rivers! Let's move on to what to wear for your long day adventure. Try wearing a comfortable sundress and make sure you wrap a sweater around your shoulder or waist as the temperature drops big time in September in Paris at nighttime. 

Hope you enjoyed my Paris travel tips for the Le Marais!


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Dress: Forever 21

Jacket: James Perse (similar)

Journey with Javvy: Paris to Versailles France

One of the most remarkable parts of my journey in Paris was taking the train to Versailles and seeing the famous Palace of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles, is a royal château in the Île-de-France region of France. In French, it is known as the Château de Versailles. This palace is unlike anything I have ever seen with my own eyes. It was without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have visited. There is so much to do there and I am very excited to share with you all of my insider tips.

Insider tip: Don't worry about packing a picnic beforehand. Just bring a small blanket to lay on and go to the cafe that is to the right of the entrance. It is right off of the street before you get to the golden gated entrance. The tuna and chicken sandwiches were definitely the best! If you hate mayo, make sure you ask for no mayo, otherwise the French love adding on loads of it to your sandwiches! The quality of the meat and fish there was amazing and the baguette is even tastier! Take your handy-dandy blanket and park yourselves anywhere in this place. But I do suggest doing it by the lake. You will not be disappointed. 

There are two options you are given when you get to the gates. You can purchase a ticket to view the museum inside of the palace which is filled with gorgeous art, or your can decide to just view the grounds. Insider tip: Both have a fee, but I highly suggest you see both if you have the time for it. You can truly spend your entire day there. Go on the Versailles website and see when the ballet is. If you happen to be traveling to France when the palace has a ballet show, I sure hope you make sure you get a ticket to see it. 

I loved learning about the history behind this château and was surprised to hear that this is not just a tourist attraction, the Hall of Mirrors within the palace still serves political functions. Heads of state are regaled in the Hall of Mirrors to make amendments to the French Constitution. Cool right!?

The grounds are what you see in your dreams when you are dreaming of fairytales and butterflies. Note to all guys, if you plan on proposing, do it here. No girl on this planet would ever be disappointed! I have never seen so many perfectly lined trees, an endless maze of shrubs, the most colorful bloomed flowers and a serene lake that was probably used in the movie The Notebook, until I visited this place. It gets more special, you can rent a row boat and row through this spectacular lake! If you love tours, you can rent a golf cart that has a voice recorded tour guide attached (that way you can tour the gardens without getting your feet tired)! If you are not into that, find a local spot in Versailles that rents bikes. That is the only thing that I wish we had that day, an opportunity to bike through the grounds. 

Fashion wise, I wore something loose and comfortable. A floral high-waisted skirt, gladiator sandals that I placed Dr. Scholl's arch support stickies in and an off-the-shoulder top. Make sure to wear sunglasses, the sun is blaring out in Versailles!

Hope you enjoyed my insider tips for your next travel to Versailles!


Shirt: Stella Laguna Beach (similar)

Skirt: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: Aldo (similar)


Journey with Javvy: Paris- the Louvre Museum

I have a freak obsession with art, so of course a trip to the Louvre museum was on my mandatory list. This museum is quite the spectacle in Paris and it is ALWAYS busy (rightfully so). On my walk from the Westin Vendome in Paris to the Louvre, I ran into a cute street that had a ton of cafes and restaurants. It almost reminded me of the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade but a total upgrade from there. I made it a point to stop by as many dessert spots possible and try their macaroons and the raspberry mousse cake. I do not know what they put in the desserts in Paris but there is some incredibly special ingredient and I absolutely need to know (I bet you it is loads of butter). 

After I finished consuming dessert after dessert and maybe a croissant or two, I made my way over to the Louvre. The juxtaposition of the three-dimensional pyramid to the actual Louvre building was incredible. The architecture is truly fascinating all over Paris, but the Louvre is something quite exquisite. It looks as if it is a Palace filled with art..and to be quite honest it truly is just that. 

Fashion wise, I was in my first two days in Paris so I rocked some heels. Do I suggest wearing heels and walking for 5 miles like I did that day? Not entirely, but yolo. I did it and I looked fab! In order to match the "inverted-triangle-glass-windowed-pyramid" at the entrance of the museum, I picked a geometric square patterned skirt and kept a monochrome look to my outfit from head to toe! I have the links to my outfit below the pics!

Enjoy the pics from my special day at the Louvre, I have so many more days to share with you! Stay tuned!



Skirt: Yes Style

Blazer: Style Stalker (get similar here)

Top: Nasty Gal

Purse: Salvatore Ferragamo

Shoes: Nasty Gal (get similar here)


Journey with Javvy: Paris - the Eiffel Tower

First off, I have absolutely missed writing posts this month, but I needed the time to immerse myself in each city I was visiting in Europe so that I could come back and provide you all the dish on where to eat, shop, play and sleep!

First stop, was the motherland of fashion..Paris. Paris was as everyone had described it; beautiful, incredible, magical blah blah blah, yes it was all those things, but Paris during fashion month was absolutely SPECTACULAR. I had an opportunity to see this city at the start of fashion month (September, of course), and towards the end during the infamous Paris Fashion Week (#PFW). This experience was complete high-fashion overload and food and dessert overconsumption. Let’s just say I got to see Paris as a tourist and as a local thanks to having cousins living in the city, so I have some fantastic recommendations for you that I will pass along in my #journeywithjavvy Europe series posts throughout this month!

There truly are so many places to see in Paris, but I plan on telling you about some of my most favorite places I had an opportunity to see, and my recommendations may take you down memory lane and make you want to hop on a flight and head there tomorrow. I promise, I would be your biggest advocate and may even want to join you!

For this first #journeywithjavvy to Europe post I am going to focus on none other than the most recognized monument in the world..the Eiffel Tower. This beauty is just breathtaking. If you are like me and it was your first time visiting the city, you will practically cry when you see this. I had spent years dreaming of seeing this beautiful tower. I have connected this tower to fashion, love and freedom and to have this very tower right before my eyes was truly a dream come true. Every day on this trip with my PIC (boyfriend/partner in crime) and I would walk by the tower or go have a picnic at Champs de Mars, which happens to be the largest open green space in Paris (park open day and night). Stop by a local boulangerie and patisserie (bread and dessert shop) and pick up some sandwiches, spreads, croissants and some vino. I recommend Sicard (on Rue Suffren, Paris, France). Sicard is close by the tower so you won’t have to walk far!

Fashion wise, if you are going to the Eiffel tower, spend one day looking as fab as you possibly can and take pictures, but all other times make sure you are wearing flats or sneakers because the area around the park is not friendly to walk in heels! For my fab day at the Eiffel tower, I had to wear a statement piece I would always remember, and for this I wore a long black fancy skirt I got from one of my favorite boutiques in San Francisco (can buy online or when they open their LA store soon!). The rest of my outfit details you can see below the pics! Next stop? The Louvre or Sacre Coeur? It is a surprise!


Paris Fashion Week Recap 2014 #pfwrecap

The best looks captured from Spring's 2014 Paris Fashion Week! Take a look at my favorite high fashion looks captured for the corporate woman.


My favorite was the Christian Dior show as it displayed bright colors, incredible tailoring and it ditched it's atypical red carpet glam looks for a more sport inspired couture line. City lights was the inspiration behind this line, but what was unique was the actual pace of the show. The models were on the move in their sneaker stilettos, and at times double the amount of models came out at the same time. The show reminded me of my personal fast-paced life where I am constantly on the move, yet look well put together at all times possible. No matter how big of a powerhouse fashionista you are, do not forget to look like one too. A messy looking woman does not look like she is about to take over the world in an organized manner.    

Some of the other looks I loved were Balmain, Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Kenzo, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Valentino, Stella McCartney, Giambatista Valli and Nina Ricci.

Click the gallery below! xo

NOTE: These photos do not belong to me. They are just displayed as inspiration. The actual source for these photos are Harpers Bazaar and Vogue.