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Press Post! Savvy Javvy's NYFW Recap on Corporate Fashion Trends are Featured on Hilary Phelp's Blog!

I could not be more excited to share this amazing feature about Savvy Javvy on Hilary Phelp's blog, Genuine Joy! I am truly honored that Hilary chose to reach out to me for my expertise on corporate fashion (especially since she is already such a queen B of fashion)!  The post is about a recap of NYFW trends and how they can be incorporated into the corporate office! It will tell you what types of styles were featured, highlight this season's colors, detail some of my must have pieces for corporate women and a BIG surprise about the future of my blog will be mentioned at the end! 

A few months ago when I was in my early launch phases of my blog, my friend Michael kindly set up an introduction with his sister who was a fellow blogger. He was such a huge support in the midst of my launch, so I was so grateful that he went out of his way to ask Hilary to check out my site. First off, I felt like my blog made the cut in his eyes for even sending it Hilary's way. He spoke VERY highly of his sister's blog and honestly could you blame him? She is a blogging guru! This Olympic powerhouse family is talented, humble, gracious and extremely lovable! I feel honored that this very introduction allowed me to connect with such an incredible lady whom I look up to in many ways! He was definitely right about her blog, I can't help but obsess over her recipes, fashion expertise, quotes and beautiful images she posts on her site, on Instagram and on Twitter

To all my health nuts, fashionistas and life-lovers, please go check out this feature and subscribe to her blog! You may end up spending hours on it (fair warning)!


Check out the rest of the article on

Check out the rest of the article on