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It is that time of year again that gets me feeling so fuzzy and happy and in the mood to break the bank with no regrets. I spend a lot of time in making gifts and buying gifts for my family and friends, but you have all joined into that inner circle and I wanted to gift you for being so loyal and always showing me love. If I had endless amounts of gifts I would gift everyone, so I thought it might be fun if I hosted a giveaway of my all time favorite products to gift a couple of you!!! You will even find goodies from Dessange Paris, their CC Color Correcting Creme and Illuminating Elixir keeps this blonde hair of mine from becoming brassy and not very sassy. You will also find a Clarisonic kit (THE BEST), Loreal Paris makeup and skincare, Lancome makeup, StriVectin for that gobbler in the making, Ouai Wave Spray and honestly so many more goodies!

To enter, just simply jump over to my Instagram and all of the entry details will be on my post with all of the products :)

Products included in the giveaway:

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Summer Must Haves from Shopbop - Save 25%

Check out my lookbook below of my favorite Summer Must Haves from Shopbop. Click your personal favorite below and enter the code Spring25 to save 25% off of your order for their friends and family discount! HELLO Friends! 


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Coachella Guide- 10 tips to survive coachella

Nothing makes me happier than getting ready for music festivals, and then there is this one magical music festival that people from all over the world fly in for, and lucky for me, it is a couple hours away from my backyard! I have all of my Coachella survival guide tips listed for you below and I also have pictures from a fun shoot I did wearing this gorgeous yet affordable outfit. On Thursday I will post all of my favorite fashionista’s pics from previous festivals and also provide you a list of places to shop to get your last minute outfit additions.

1.       Stock up on stylish boho-chic outfits. Some of you may say you go for the music, but I am calling BS on that. If it were just for the music, then it would not be such a fashion show. So since we are all aware that it is a “who wore a cuter outfit” for all of the fashionistas in attendance, I have provided a few tips for you below.  

a.       Loose fitting bottoms, whether that means they are thin printed wide-legged pants or high-waisted shorts. Just make sure they are not glued to you. You want to be able to dance and feel free.

b.      Comfy shoes – booties or converse will be your best friend. Try gladiator sandals if you want to step it up a notch.

c.       Fringe is in- go for it

d.      Body jewelry and flash tattoos- load up on these and place them all over your body. I am really into thigh jewelry these days. It is super sexy and simple.

e.      Leather fanny pack or crossover bag. I do not suggest backpacks because you may not feel someone unzipping your bag while you are busy feelin the music!

f.        Cheap sunnies. Misplacing Chanel sunglasses at the festival sucks. Go to Forever 21 and pick up a pair of fun stylish sunglasses.

2.       Hello H20- the festival is in the desert and you are spending hours in the sun. Make sure you bring cash for water bottles and fuel your body with water and do not forget to grab a snack!

3.       Rent a locker- throw in a jacket or even leggings in there. It gets cold at night and if you had too many treats at the festival the weather changes may bug you.

4.       Cell phone- do not count on having cell phone service. There may be areas that you have service, so expect delays from people you text. To conserve battery, first off bring a mophie, but for all other times you are not using your phone, set it to airplane mode or turn it off completely.

5.       Take car or shuttle service from your house you rented/hotel to the festival instead of driving and parking. Getting out of the parking lot is a nightmare. It takes practically an hour! You can get this information on

6.       Hygiene- don’t be gross. Pack baby wipes for a little DIY shower sesh in the bathrooms, hand sanitizer and travel size deodorant

7.       Beauty- pack a mini sunscreen, lip balm, powder and body spray

8.       If you are camping, bring the necessities! Food, drinks, BEER, Sophia champagne cans (my favorite). You cannot bring this into the actual concert area, but you will need it for your pre and post parties!

9.       Stick with your friends. It is hard to find each other, so if you choose to part ways, set up a meeting point that you will always go if one of you lose each other

10.   My absolute NO NOs-

a.       do not forget bandaids in your bags. If you get blisters on your feet or you fall, you want to make sure you clean the area with water and get yourself fixed so you do not have to leave the show.

b.      Do not try to sneak food or alcohol in

c.       No selfie sticks or video cameras are allowed

d.      No chairs or umbrellas are allowed

e.      Don’t be annoying, everyone is there to have fun so be chill. You paid a lot of money to be there so enjoy it and do not sweat the small stuff!

Valentine's Day Must Haves

I picked my favorites for you to grab right before Valentine's day to look extra sleek and sexy!

Enjoy love bugs!

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Perfect New Year's Eve Outfit

Every year we try to find that perfect New Year's Eve outfit. Well not to worry, I have my favorites listed for you below! These outfits are versatile so you can wear them to your next cocktail party as well!


Fashion Meets Art: Javvy's Art Series at the LACMA Museum

Three things I respect so much are Art, architecture and fashion. I am grateful to live in Southern California as I am able to enjoy the amazing ever-changing exhibitions at the LACMA museum. One thing the LACMA is famous for is Chris Burden's "Urban Light", which is a built in exhibition of light-poles in front of the museum. They look airy and beautiful during the day and at night when they are all lit up, it can give you a glimpse of what it feels like to be walking around Paris at night. 

I wanted to pair my outfit with the art I was viewing, so you can see here I wore a two-piece set that matched the Mark Rothko painting inside of the museum. The outfit details can be found below the pics!

Top and skirt: Rules of Etiquette (similar)

Shoes: Prada

Bubble Gum Business Chic

So I had to do it. There is this must-see wall on Melrose that every single photographer loves to shoot in front of. This pink bumble gum colored wall happens to be the wall outside of the Paul Smith store. As you can see here, I absolutely LOVE to blend my outfits with my backgrounds (see here, here, here and here too) and since I have an IMMENSE love for art, you will see me do that at some museums soon! I cannot wait to share those snaps with you from around LA. To expand on that, I am looking forward to also sharing some of these museum meets high-fashion pics from my latest trip at the Bahamas and my upcoming trip to Europe where I will be checking out plenty of museums and monuments. 

In my outfit here you can see I mixed a dainty floral peplum top with an edgy faux leather pant. I think this style totally depicts my personality. My friends all say I am a mix of Charlotte and Carrie and I tend to translate that energy into my style. It works great in the office as it adds some flair to a normally boring business outfit, and it adds sexiness to a more risque outfit I would rock on the weekends. If you think you are a mix of those two, I challenge you to channel your inner Charlotte and Carrie into your clothing. You may just have some fun with it!



Photographer: Priscilla Santiago

Going Hollywood in Style Club LA x Savvy Javvy

I am very excited to share these photos shot by the uber talented Chelsea LeoGrande for one of my fave LA companies, the Style Club LA. I got to style which outfit I wanted to rock for this shoot and we roamed around the streets of Hollywood to capture these cool snaps! You can get this whole outfit here from the Style Club website.

Enjoy loves!


Now some black and white versions by mega-babe  Chelsea!

Lunchtime Shopping Break: 4th of July Must Haves

I am sure you are ready for this weekend. In fact, if you are like me, I have been ready for this weekend since Monday! I picked out some of my favorites to rock this holiday weekend! Check them out in the lookbook below!


Happy 4th of July loves!


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Simply Stylist Event Recap #SSCITILA

On Saturday, March 15th, I attended the Simply Stylist fashion and beauty blogger event at The Grove in Los Angeles. The purpose of this event is to provide insight on the latest trends in blogging, to attain advice from a panel full of successful women in the industry and to allow bloggers to network with each other and the designers at the event.

The incredible host of this event was E! TV's gorgeous Cat Sadler. This woman is incredibly hard working and truly a genuine a person. Some of the all star panelists and guest presenters were Shea Maria from Peace Love Shea (yes, she had her amaze Mansur Gavriel bag with her), Sazan Barzani (my sista from another mista) from Spaz Mag, Raissa Gerona from Lovers & Friends LA (this girl can seriously design cute clothes), Brandi Cyrus (singer, songwriter, fashion designer and sister to none other than Miley Cyrus! That family is so talented. Did I mention she is a total babe with an adorable personality?), Sunni Spencer from ENK Vegas (corporate genius), Ashley Torres (cutie pie with fab taste) from Pursuit of Shoes and Miss Vanessa who happens to be the business mastermind for bloggers. Can this event have any more amazing women attend? I think not. I commend Sarah Boyd, the owner of Simply Stylist, for putting on this amazing day.

I do have to say the best part of the day was that we all were given keys to unlock prizes at Barneys. Let's just say some ladies walked away with a mini white Saint Laurent bag, a Balenciaga bag and the list continues. Congrats to the ladies who had the lucky keys! I did not, but I still walked away a winner from this event since I got to hang out with my fellow blogger friends and made plenty of new ones. 

Hope you enjoy some of the photos below! Some of them are mine, and the Getty Images were captured by Rochelle Brodin.

SHOP This Look!

Top: Zara (similar here)

Bottom: Zara (similar here and here)

Shoes: Get my favorite gladiator must have heels here for under $100! 

Jewelry: Nastygal and Willthebeast