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NYFW BCBG Max Azria Recap FW14

Romance was in the air today at the BCBG Max Azria fashion show in New York City, NY. Soft pale hues and silks were combined to make quite the ethereal chic look. BCBG never disappoints at  Mercedes Benz Fashion week, but I would have to say this year they took it up a notch. We have seen a lot of these beautifully soft colors lately on style stars like Nicole Ritchie and Kim Kardashian and goodness did it look absolutely unreal on the catwalk. I will do my best to keep you all updated via instagram as I am off to Paris this weekend and will be sharing my own street style throughout the month! Follow my adventures @savvyjavvy. Hope you enjoyed my fashion week 14 recap from today's BCBG Max Azria Fashion show!


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Fashion Show: Chanel Haute Couture in Paris

The one show every woman, gay or straight man and even poodles wish to attend happened yesterday in Paris. If you do not know which show I am referring to, then let me enlighten you, it was the Chanel Haute Couture show. This show was EVERYTHING. It truly brought on some serious nostalgia of Depeche Mode from the 80s with a Marie Antoinette twist. Bet you did not think that was possible, but Karl Lagerfeld did just that and did it flawlessly.

Spiky follicle accents added a jauntiness to the architectural whites and the ubiquitous 80s messenger bag was truly an intrinsically piece of artwork. Another thing that was from the 80s were the cycling shorts, and no I am not referring to spandex shorts. This is Chanel. Tweed or nothing! These tweed beauties snuck a quick peek underneath beautiful fitted-yet-flared tweed coats. To add to the sparkle of the show, some of these coats were actually sparkly!

After moving away from the 80s, it was back to our beloved Marie Antoinette. This part of the show presented full skirts made of heavy fabrics that were either knee length or ballerina like and were paired with an unusual thing on the catwalk..flip-flops.

The main colors of the show were black, grey and white and a hint of red. All which happen to be my go to colors so if you could just imagine, I was in heaven viewing these clothes! Another thing we have not seen couturiers in Pahree do on the runway is daywear. It is almost like daywear died in Paris and couture meant nightwear. Lagerfeld decided to stray away from the norm and presented one of the most elegant yet pared-back shows in the history of Chanel collections. Bravo Mr. Lagerfeld, I salute you.

Please see the gallery below captured by the TelegraphUK!


Diane Von Furstenberg's 'Journey of a Dress'

If you are in Los Angeles and have not checked out the Journey of a Dress exhibition at the Old May building next to LACMA, then my friend, you better step on it and go this weekend! It is the last weekend to attend! So what is this 'Journey of a Dress' I am speaking of? This is a large exhibition displaying the last 40-years of wrap dress variations developed by Diane Von Fursternberg.

Furstenberg's wrap dress has become iconic over the years and has been worn by celebrities, the first lady and the duchess of Cambridge. This very dress has truly made history in the fashion world as it has stayed exactly the same, but has been updated every year with new prints and colors. It is truly remarkable that the same dress has stayed in style the past 40-years.

When you walk into the Old May building you will walk into a pink hall of fame hallway filled with photos of important people in history wearing the wrap dress and will find plenty of vintage photos of Furstenberg. Once you pass the hall of fame, you will go into fashion overload in the best way possible. There is a 200-strong entourage of wrap-dress-clad mannequins wearing all of the different variations of the dress. Also, the walls are painted in loud prints, so they make quite the backdrop for these lovely dresses.

When you think you have seen it all, turn into the art room filled with Andy Warhol's photos of the queen bee of wrap dresses. If you want to continue your art journey, head on over to LACMA and check out the James Turrell light show afterwards. It is so fascinating and it will blow your mind!

I feel pretty fabulous about my day at the museum and I am so grateful for my Gubbies Mike, Beto, Vicente and Nicolas for taking me along with them as their fifth wheel! I couldn't have asked for better dates! 

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Paris Fashion Week Recap 2014 #pfwrecap

The best looks captured from Spring's 2014 Paris Fashion Week! Take a look at my favorite high fashion looks captured for the corporate woman.


My favorite was the Christian Dior show as it displayed bright colors, incredible tailoring and it ditched it's atypical red carpet glam looks for a more sport inspired couture line. City lights was the inspiration behind this line, but what was unique was the actual pace of the show. The models were on the move in their sneaker stilettos, and at times double the amount of models came out at the same time. The show reminded me of my personal fast-paced life where I am constantly on the move, yet look well put together at all times possible. No matter how big of a powerhouse fashionista you are, do not forget to look like one too. A messy looking woman does not look like she is about to take over the world in an organized manner.    

Some of the other looks I loved were Balmain, Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Kenzo, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Valentino, Stella McCartney, Giambatista Valli and Nina Ricci.

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NOTE: These photos do not belong to me. They are just displayed as inspiration. The actual source for these photos are Harpers Bazaar and Vogue.