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Healthy Foods to Incorporate in Your Life

We are all always looking for the next best diet trick, or the next best "kale" to incorporate in our lives, but don't get all wrapped up in that. It is important to have a balanced diet, but try adding in some healthier alternatives here and there. Make it more of a lifestyle and not a quick fix.

Below you will find 7 must-haves to include in your "lifestyle"

1. Hemp hearts- These are powerful super seeds that pack 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omega. Similar to chia and flaxseed, but more nutritional benefits! Throw it in your salads, smoothies or even some oatmeal in the morning!

2. Avocado- The easiest go-to snack! Slice that sucker open, add a little lime juice, salt, lemon pepper and voila, you have an easy healthy snack. You can also pair avocados with just about anything. You can make guacamole, put it on lettuce wraps, salads, and even with eggs in the morning.

3. Apple Cider or Balsamic Vinegar (organic of course)- Vinegar is your best friend. It is packed with probiotics so it helps you digest food easier and it is also filled with antioxidents that will help counter the effects of free radicals. Read about free radicals here

4. Fresh Citrus Juice- This is the easiest to incorporate since you probably already have a ton of limes and lemons in your fridge. Switch up your water drinking routine by adding in lemon into your water. Citrus fruits offer a great range of vitamin C, folate and potassium. 

5. Almond butter- This is a great protein punch when you are on the go. Add some onto a banana in the morning or for an afternoon snack. Did I mention it is also ridiculously delicious?

6. Flax oil- This is a fantastic addition to any salad dressing, shake or even just your oatmeal. The taste obviously is not the loveliest so that is why I suggest adding it to something you are about to eat or drink. Flax oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and it is also gluten free, vegan friendly and is non-gmo.

7. Hummus- Since hummus is so rich in protein, it can help you fight hunger by keeping you full for longer! Use hummus in place of mayo on sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches. It is delicious!

Hope you enjoyed these healthy tips!


Start Your Year with a Flat Tummy

I wanted to start the new year looking good in my new clothes I got over the holidays, so I partnered up with Flat Tummy Tea to try their miraculous Four Week Fab to flatten out my tummy. I have a lot of food allergies and a very sensitive stomach so I am a stickler on what I put into my body. I liked FTT because it has natural cleansing herbs in it, so it helps you nix out the impurities in your body!

Every 2 nights I drank my Flat Tummy Afresh and in the mornings I drank my Everyday Flat Tummy. I stayed diligent and I got amazing results. Let's just say all of those holiday cookies are nowhere to be found! Kudos to you FTT, you are starting off my 2015 looking and feeling better!



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DIY Halloween Costume: Gumball Machine

It is that time of year again! Instead of going to the halloween store and dropping major cash on a costume, use that cash to buy yourself something nice that you will use over and over again. I personally only spent $7 to make this ADORABLE gumball machine costume and I have all of the details on how to make one of these for yourself below!

What you will need:

Gumballs- go to the candy store and buy a gumball machine refill pack. It was only $6!

Old bra you don't care for anymore

Pink or Red pencil skirt

Glue gun

Black Sharpie (optional)

Silver colored shipping bag or just duct tape (optional)


How to make it:

Line the bra with a strip of the hot glue and quickly begin adding the gumballs. I added pink across the top and mixed up the colors as I moved down the bra line by line. It is important not to put glue all over the bra and think you could quickly add them on there. You really won't and it will be a HOT mess. Literally! GREAT TIP: Do not put gumballs on your shoulder straps or the back part of your bra as those need to stretch around your body and the glue will not allow for your straps to stretch. Voila, your delicious bra is done!

Lucky for me I had a pink pencil skirt already in my closet so I opted for that but if you want to TRULY look like a gumball machine, opt for a red skirt. You can find these at Forever 21, H&M or any fast fashion store. OPTIONAL: With duct tape or the silver shipping bag (as pictured above) create a square that you will sew or glue on to the front of your skirt. On the silver square, write 25 cents to make it look even more like a gumball machine!

This literally took me 25 minutes to make. Easy as pie! Good luck and feel free to email me if you have any questions!


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